Leather Wedding Albums - Your New Family Heirloom


We live in a digital age where pictures aren't getting printed anymore but rather just left on your phone or computer. We've gotten the impression that because everything is "backed up" our culture puts printing photos and creating memory albums to the side. We know this to be true because in our first few years of marriage this was true for us too!

It took us over a year to create our own wedding album. Our family vacation and personal photos were just living on our hard drives. We had an "ah ha" moment when looking through old photos our parents had saved of our childhood. It was then we realized the importance of printing your photos, preserving those memories for generations to come. We don't ever want to push tangible products on our couples but hope more than anything our couples print their favorite photos. Either to have them hanging on their wall or in an album somewhere to be shared over a lifetime and beyond. We feel it is our job as photographers to not let our couples get in the same cycle of not printing their photos like we did for so long.

We are always excited when our couples opt to get a wedding album because we believe wedding photos were never meant to just live on your computer! We imagine these photos living on over the years as our couple’s future kids and grandkids will flip through the album and imagine the wedding that started it all.

Whenever one of our couples wedding albums is finished, we always make an effort to photograph and share it on the blog. Enjoy a few of our favorite spreads from John&Megan's leather album that came in recently.

If you're interested in more information about our leather albums, send us a message info@trecreative.com