Memorable Monday - Catching our Breath


After nearly two weeks out of our home office for the semi-annual Diaz family vacation that we blogged about last week, we've been enjoying getting caught up in the office. With a jam packed Spring and heavy Fall to come, July has been the perfect month to slow down, get caught up on our editing and work on other projects that often get pushed to the back burner.

Our Week

  • Monday was filled with so many 2017 wedding consultations out of our home. We love having our couples over so they can see our creative space. To us, it makes the wedding process much more personal and allows us to make sure we're the best fit for one another when it comes to photography and videography. This part especially is really important to us.
  • You might have caught on my Instagram story last week that we hosted close to 20 of our Chico creative friends for our monthly Tuesday's Together meetup. We bought Krispy Kreme donuts and had coffee brewing when everyone arrived. The donuts and coffee were all gone by the end of the meeting :D
  • There's a cute little black cat that has been hanging out in the backyard of the TréCrib. Stephen and my older brother thought it was a good idea to let it in the house one evening and feed him (we keep saying it's a he but we don't know).  I couldn't help but laugh along, the cat hasn't been coming around much but it's really friendly and cute when it does. Stephen's allergic to cats which makes the scene that much more amusing.
  • Bay Area traffic is CRAY y'all. We left early Friday afternoon to head to Santa Cruz for Saturday's wedding and of course got stuck in traffic on our way which added a couple extra hours to the trip. Every time we're stuck in traffic I become so grateful for Chico and the non-existant traffic we have here! Props to anyone who lives in San Francisco or near Highway 17, you have way more patience than I do!
  • Saturday's wedding was near Santa Cruz, one of our all time favorite places to visit. In college, Stephen and I worked at a summer camp for three years in the Santa Cruz mountains. It's always so good to be back in that area! Greg&Eryn added on a short video teaser to their wedding package and below is a few video highlights from their amazing Rancho Soquel wedding!