Chico Website Video Production - Well Industries

Water… Many of us don't give a second thought when we turn the faucet to retrieve our drink. However, that water does magically come from somewhere, and many times someone had to drill a well to get it you.

Here in the North State that someone is Well Industries. They’ve been the go-to well drilling company in this area for generations. They have a rich company history that is heartwarming.

We created this “About Us” style promotional commercial video to help their potential clients get to know them on their website before inquiring and hiring them for work.

The company was started by the Stillwell family with just a single pickup truck and small drill. The company now services the entire North State with a large fleet. What hasn’t changed is their commitment “to providing the highest quality, work, stewardship of the land, and trustworthy relationships.”

Ron and Suzanne Stilwell are the most down to earth and friendly people. They are not only great at what they do, but they are very passionate about it as well. Working with Well industries gave us a first hand look at the complex process that brings water magically to the local Ag industry as well as many local establishments.