Memorable Monday - Workflow and Productivity


Happy Monday! I woke up this morning, headed to Pilates and was so thankful to have a garage where we can park our car in! January is one of the coldest months where we live, so my toes would have been frozen walking outside!

Our Week

  • We got our car back! Right before we left for Panama, we were rear-ended for the second time in the last 10 months, yikes! Not exactly the type of scenario anyone wants to deal with right before you leave for vacation! Since we share one car, we’ve been borrowing Stephen’s parent's Tahoe for almost a month now. We’re super thankful for this spare car but it has been wonderful getting our car back. These are the little things that make you grateful!
  • I talked last week about marriage on the blog. It has been the most vulnerable we’ve been with you in a while. We hope those tips are helpful and that someone somewhere out there is able to use them!
  • Tuesday’s Together happened last week where we talked about workflow and productivity. This is a topic that always seems to come up among creatives. Everyone needs to create systems that cut down time and allows you to spend more time on the things you’re passionate about! Workflow for any creative entrepreneur is such a challenge but we’re grateful for this group of people we’re able to brainstorm with monthly! Speaking of Rising Tide Society, in just a few short weeks we’ll be heading to San Francisco for our annual leader retreat! We can’t wait to see so many familiar faces and continue making waves in the creative industry with these awesome people!
  • We spent our afternoon on Thursday with our good friends from CES Weddings and Events doing a little collaboration together! We can’t stress enough the importance of having a wedding coordinator at your wedding. In our opinion, they are a must have! There are so many small details that are hard to remember, and a good coordinator really helps streamline this process. We've found our brides with a wedding coordinator are much less stressed and really able to soak in their day knowing every detail is being taken care of!
  • We have some huge and exciting new projects in the works for the commercial side of TréCreative this year! Our business is being stretched and grown and we’re excited to see how these corporate projects come to life!
  • One of my personal 2017 goals was to take a dance class and I’m doing it!!! As of 6:30pm tonight you can find me at a local dance studio getting my boogie on haha. I may not be super graceful at this...yet, but I’m doing it anyway and I’m sure I’ll be laughing the whole time!
  • Stephen still loves playing with his Kendamas and finds taking 10 minute breaks in between work really helps his productivity level. He's been enjoying running LunaTac in his free time, a side business making accessories for this Kendama niche. Every morning he packs and ships out these little trinkets all over the world. If you don't know what an Kendama is, don’t worry, he’d love to give you a little lesson and even give you one sometime! He loves spreading the "dama love".