Happy March! This month marks a huge milestone for us because it’s our 5th year anniversary month.


The one thing we love about our time off in the winter from shooting weddings is it allows us to focus on other parts of our business that are vital to keeping TréCreative thriving. We’ve been spending a lot of time diving into great professional books, listening to podcasts and hopefully soon launching something new we’ve been pouring all our free time into lately. We’ve been able to dream more and really challenge ourselves to what we want our lives and business to look like in the future.

Our Week

  • Hip Hop class is back and I’m loving this weekly routine. Sometimes you have to jump out in the deep end and risk feeling awkward to gain something that can bring you so much joy. Hip Hop has allowed me to become more fearless and free. It is the reason why I talk about this class so much! It’s not just about dancing, it’s about letting loose and not being afraid of failure.


  • I’m heading to Europe this week with my mom for almost TWO WEEKS! The day I get home, Stephen will leave the very next day for Florida for Funnel Hacking Live, an internet marketing conference. Most of our week has been preparing and tying up loose ends so that I can unplug for most of the trip while Stephen runs TréCreative…then we’ll trade when he gets home as he goes off and I take over the day-to-day.
  • We had a friend of ours look over some of our current copy we’re working on for a new project. This was such an important process in defining our TréCreative brand and making sure we’re communicating the right message. If you haven’t had someone look over yours in a while, hire a professional or have someone outside of your industry look at it. I promise it will be so helpful. It will allow you to see where your message is communicated clearly or where you need to improve in this area. If you need a recommendation for someone awesome, we have one!
  • We had lots of wind and rain here in Chico this week which we desperately need. So many people say they are sick of the rain, but right now I’m totally enjoying it!
  • We stocked up this week on La Croix’s. I’m pretty sure the checker at the grocery store thought we were a little addicted. They are just too tasty and the perfect pick me up in the afternoon. Stephen lately has been all about Poweraid Light though. We’ve been doing Keto since Christmas and he’s all about getting those electrolytes without the sugar.
  • On Saturday night, we met up with longtime friends from our Mount Hermon camp days. They live in Sacramento so we met in the middle between our two destinations in Yuba City and spent three hours at dinner together. Although we hadn’t seen these two in a long time, we caught up right where we left off. There’s a quote that says “Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget”. Our friends Brad and Jessica are those kinds of people and we consider them lifelong friends. What a refreshing evening with them!