Chico Lifestyle Newborn Film Photographer - Baby M


Whether we are spending time with our TréCreative family on their wedding day or working with a commercial client, in-home lifestyle sessions have become another aspect of TréCreative that we've fallen in love with. We'd like to introduce you to the Gardiner family and sweet baby M.


When Ann first reached out to me, we were so excited to meet their baby girl but also work with them. Ann expressed right away how much she loves film photography which is how we have been photographing these in-home lifestyle sessions. We know the word “film” can often be confused with video, but when we say “film” in regards to photography we’re talking about shooting on actual film, as opposed to a digital camera which shoots on a memory card.

Ann said she loves the richness only film produces and we couldn’t agree more! We’ve gotten a lot of questions as to why we’ve chosen to shoot these sessions entirely on film, so every time we blog a film session we’ve been trying to share a glimpse of our why. We totally intend to write a full blog post soon about our new film sessions, but in the meantime here is a glimpse. We love the look of film, how it captures colors so vibrant yet soft. We love the subtle roll off of the highlights and the shadows…but beyond that, shooting on film also makes us slow down and deeply focus on our subjects and how they are interacting together. It forces us to care about quality over quantity because we are limited to a certain number of shots per roll. This has challenged us in new ways and is making us fall in love with photography and how to creatively capture people all over again. This intentionality behind each photo is what we strive for in these sessions and paired with film, it’s the perfect combination! We love how film photography is so timeless and stands the test of time, just like we want the images we take for our families to live on.

As soon as we walked into their home we were greeted by Ben and their adorable pup who greeted us in the front yard with a happy dance. They graciously let us take a tour of the house and find the best lighting throughout their home while Ann finished feeding their sweet new little one. These two have such a great interior decorating style and we loved all their mid-century modern touches and home decor they had throughout. We started in their family room, then transitioned to their master bedroom, both with lots of gorgeous natural light. We ended in the adorable nursery as they swaddled this little cutie and laid her down to rest. With a lifestyle approach to newborn sessions, we avoid stiff posing and rather coach mom and dad into candid situations. We want our lifestyle photos to feel natural, like a moment captured in time, as if we weren’t even there. We love watching as new moms and dads just hold their sweet babies and create that deeper bond.

Ben&Ann, thank you so much for inviting us into your beautiful home. From the short time we had together, you two were so genuine to us and parenting was so natural for you! Thank you again!



Shot on a Pentax 645N with Portra 800 developed by The Find Lab.