Memorable Monday - One Crazy Week


After our Christmas Tree Hunting adventure up in the mountains from last weekend, we finally had a chance to decorate our tree! Just when we're starting to enjoy our holiday decoration, we'll be leaving town for Panama for Stephen's sister's wedding.

You can follow our adventures on our Facebook page and Instagram accounts. We're excited for Jovanni&Laura's wedding day but definitely can't do all everything on our own since we're family. Luckily, our friends Caleb&Brittany will be joining us and we can't wait to spend more time with them!

Our Week

  • After cutting down our Christmas Tree we headed over to my parent's house to decorate their tree and have dinner with my brothers. It's been a tradition we've done for the last couple of years as we've gotten older and I really enjoy it. My mom makes homemade soup and we all listen to Christmas music as we put up our favorite childhood ornaments. What are some traditions your family has? We'd love to hear about them!
  • Vivify Workshop happened last weekend and it was incredible! We hosted alongside the super talented Renée from Mariée Weddings who's located in the Bay Area. A handful of other wedding professionals created amazing tablescapes for this styled shoot, and Stephen and I taught a portion of the time on bride and groom posing. In case you missed the event, send us a message about mentoring sessions. We're always open to coaching sessions during the week and especially in non-wedding season. We love seeing other photographers succeed and were honored to pass along some of what we've learned to some amazing photographers at this workshop! Below are few sneak peeks from the day!
  • The TreBooth has been extremely popular with all the holiday and business parties (and we're way behind on TreBooth blog posts because of it). This past week there was four events and three the week before. Mostly all for local companies who know how to throw great parties for their employees! We've loved seeing how so many people have loved the photobooth and the many uses it has!
  • It took until Thursday to feel like we had our heads above water. We've been trying to tie up loose ends and get ready for Panama which has made our week seem very busy. I've had to learn to take a deep breath, relax and take one task at a time! If you've felt overwhelmed in the last week, we totally know how you feel. You're not alone :D
  • On our way to the gym on Friday our car was rear-ended for the SECOND time this year! Besides some minor soreness, we're doing totally okay. Our car on the other hand, took a beating. It came as a big shock, but like any unfortunate event, it makes you re-think your circumstances. I was reminded of a quote we have hanging on our wall that says "You have to choose joy and keep choosing it" by Henri Nouwen. We have it hanging on our wall because it's a quote I always want to remind myself of when things get hard.