Memorable Monday - It's good to be home!


After being gone for ten days straight in three different weather climates, it's so good to be home!

Our home has become our safe place, a place we love spending time in together! I used to take any excuse to get out and about at our first home. But since moving into the TréCrib, we love spending time in our space together! We're currently working hard on creating an office space that we feel the same way about! We've lived in the #trecrib for almost two years now and the last place I want to be was our home office! In the past, it's been super cluttered and unorganized. It's served its purpose, which is to work, but the amount of time and energy spent in one place meant it needed a little lovin'. Our office redesign is now in progress and we have since transitioned to sit-stand desks which we highly recommend. Below were sharing some things we learned this week while traveling!

Our Week

  • Eye masks, they really work! I've been super sensitive to light for a while now and since switching to wearing and eye mask when I go to bed, it really helps! Stephen told me about one that Tim Ferriss recommended and it's amazing! It goes over your ears so that the strap doesn't irritate your ears and it's SO soft.
  • Traveling is really fun with friends! The first part of our trip we stayed with a bunch of Chico friends in an AirBnB for our destination wedding in Nashville. I'm extroverted so it was fun always being around people and having something to constantly do together!
  • Create a gear checklist when traveling! We usually have a checklist we go through, but in our rush to get out the door we forgot a few things. Nothing major or that had anything to do with our photography equipment but it would have been nice not to have to share a power cord.
  • Many of you know that my grandmother passed away while we were away. I was in complete shock that she is actually gone and really didn't process until getting to the Pursuit Retreat in Florida last week. Thank you to everyone who has given us grace as we grieve and catch up on emails!
  • Our office is coming together! The photo above shows some small updates to our office. We've moved in and are now getting into the organized and decorating process! Stay tuned!