Memorable Monday - Happy Anniversary Jovanni&Laura!


This time last year, we were in Panama for Stephen's sister's wedding. It was one we will never forget. Happy one year anniversary Jovanni&Laura! Although we loved traveling to Panama for a break from the cold weather here in Chico, we're loving being home this year for Christmas. We've been enjoying bundling up, having to put on boots and sweatshirts as we go out of the house. Our favorite place to work from at home during this time of year is in our family room. We sit together on the comfiest couch imaginable right in front of the fire sipping on our coffee in the morning.

Instead of traveling to Panama again this year, Jovanni and Laura will be coming our way! They'll be back in the states with us this year and we're happy to see them this time next week. So far this month, we've attended one Christmas party and hosted one ourselves. I've been catching up on season two of The Crown. If you haven't gotten into that Netflix show, I highly recommend it. Instead of saying Merry Christmas, they say Happy Christmas and now I find myself saying Happy Christmas to Stephen all throughout the day!

Our Week Recap

  • We hosted our Chico Tuesday's Together friends this year for our annual Christmas Party. We combined our November theme of Philanthropy month with our December meet-up. We decided to partner with The Salvation Army's Angel Tree program. Each year families in need in the area make tags that are placed on Christmas Trees in designated areas around Chico. From there you choose a tag and go shopping for the specific request of the child or family. Our group was so generous and even some who weren't able to make it donated a gift! We love our Chico Creative Entrepreneur family and the way it's grown over the past couple of years. If you ever want to hear more about Chico Tuesday's Together, please don't hesitate to join our Facebook group and come to a monthly event!
  • We attended a friend's Christmas Party together this past weekend. We had the option of keeping it classy or wearing an ugly sweater. I almost always choose the fancy option (I love an excuse to dress up) but for some reason, both decided on the ugly sweater option. We both have go-to sweaters for these kinds of parties and totally rocked it. It was super fun to reconnect with new and old friends over a meal!
  • Together, we wrote a personal blog post about how you can turn missed opportunities into seized moments. We've learned a lot about this topic in the last six years of running our business. In business and life really, a shut door doesn't always mean a bad thing. It might feel that way in the moment, but sometimes a shut door just means a new and better opportunity is coming your way very soon! Feel free to read if you haven't already.
  • Have you heard of the App Poshmark? This has been one of the best ways for me to clean out my closet all while still making money! It's been a fun little "side hustle" of mine lately and a great excuse to get rid of clothes I'm no longer wearing.
  • Stephen has been getting so many questions about Bitcoin lately he decided to compile them all into a FREE online course. This was his "weekend project" and he's so excited to launch it this week! If you're interested in learning about this new and exciting cryptocurrency space, you can be one of the first check it out.
  • Every day we look forward to getting the mail because that means new Christmas cards are arriving! We've decided last year that we would wait to open them until Christmas and do it all at once. It's a tradition Stephen's family did when he was little and together, we have made it one of our Christmas traditions.

Happy Christmas friends! To celebrate Jovanni&Laura's one year anniversary, we're sharing their wedding video with you, it's one of our ALL TIME FAVS! Check it out below or on Facebook!