Memorable Monday - Happy Thanksgiving


The Holidays are some of our favorite times of year spent with each other and our families. That often means for us, less travel, fewer meals out and more time at home. Since purchasing our home, we affectionally call the TreCrib, we've been the ones hosting both our families the last two years. After a lot of travel these past few weeks, my mom stepped up and mention her interest in hosting this year. As much as we love hosting people in our home, it was perfect to just show up with our food contribution in hand and just enjoy the company.

Our Week Leading Up to Thanksgiving was very full and we had a few adventures along the way.

Our Week

  • On Monday we decided to go on a run with two of our good friends. Monday happened to be the day of the week that was completely pouring all day. We were soaked by the end of the run. The good thing was about our decision was we practically had the whole park to ourselves. I haven't spent that much time in the rain since riding my bike to college in the rain. The fresh air and smells when it rains in the park is so incredible.
  • We took some family portraits this past week. Our schedule doesn't always allow us to do family photo sessions but whenever we're asked by our past TréCreative couples, we especially try and make it work. We just love catching up with our couples and for these two families, it's been exciting to see their family grow. Stay tuned for a few cute families on the TréCreative blog soon.
  • The one tradition Stephen and I have on Thanksgiving is participating in The Run for Food. It's a big local 5k race that does a loop around lower Bidwell Park. All the proceeds go to an amazing non-profit helping those in our community. Not only is it great exercise before we stuff our faces, but we see so many people we know from the community participating. This year, our friends from our church small group joined us for the walk and coffee at one of our favorite coffee shops afterward. If you have family traditions around the holidays, we want to hear about them in the comments!
  • Have you heard of the game Sequence? It's probably my mom's favorite board game and anytime she has guests over, she's always trying to get them to play. Unfortunately, no one in our family is super big on board games, I think we'd rather do something active or talk together. This year we had some exchange students over from Chico State and we gave in and played the game. I must say, I think it's growing on me.
  • After two weeks of what felt like non-stop travel for me, our room is finally put back together and our huge pile of laundry I always talk about is actually put away! Let's see how long we can keep it clean! :)
  • We are SO thankful for all of our TréCreative couples, so to show some love we gave some coffee away to our TréCreative bride's group on Facebook. It brought us so much joy to see them posting photos and messages over the weekend.