Memorable Monday - Home Again...Kinda


This week has felt like a whirlwind for us! We arrived back into town half way through the week from our amazing Mexico trip. Don’t worry, we’ll be sharing with you later this week more about this trip and why we think it will make a great honeymoon location! From the moment we arrived home, we were playing catch up on emails, to-do's and organizing the house. As soon as we were almost caught up, we left again! We're currently blogging from Napa, finishing up an ongoing video project with Opus One this week, an amazing winery in the area (more on that soon too)! I feel like this week's Memorable Monday post is all centered around food, keep reading and you’ll see why :D


  • In between emails an editing I spent my time trying to finish our guest room. We can officially say the TréCrib is listed on Airbnb. I can’t say the room is officially "done".  I plan to still be adding elements and eventually painting it. I’m just glad we have it listed and are exciting to hopefully have more guests soon. Come visit us an stay, we’d love to have you! (p.s. if you've never used Airbnb when you travel, you really should. We're litterally blogging this from the most comfy bed in an Airbnb in Napa. Way more affordable than a hotel in the area and the people are always so nice. The Airbnb we're at now they even gave us a bottle of their own wine, they made themselves!
  • Mexico had beautiful sunny weather and when we came home it poured rain the majority of the week and into the weekend. As much as I loved the warm sunny weather, Stephen and I both have really been enjoying the rain! After being in Mexico, I’m not ready to break out my shorts and sweat all the time just yet. I really love the comfy boots and jeans look and want to rock that as long as possible!
  • Our church put together a young married couple's dinner that we attended on Friday night. We met some new faces and got to catch up with our friends who we had not been able to see since being out of town. After dinner, we all decided to keep hanging out and we all grabbed drinks at a new Taproom in Chico called the Lost Dutchman. We highly recommend checking out this place if you like great beer! It’s next to Wine Time and has a fantastic selection of brews on tap that don’t even distribute in Butte County. We thought we were done after that, but everyone was craving a little something something sweet so around 10pm we all ended up at Donut Nook affectionately known as "D Nook", and "The Nook" to locals. Everyone knows the best time to go is in the middle of the night as that's when they make all the donuts hot and fresh. So yummy! I’m not a big donut fan, but these are amazing, especially when they're hot off the press! Personally, it was my first donut since going off Whole 30, and it was oh so good.
  • My older brother celebrated his birthday while we were in Mexico, so over the weekend we took him out for lunch. With all the Mexican food we had been eating, we changed things up a bit and went to one of our favorite Sushi restaurants. Little fact about Stephen and I, when we were in college, we attempted to become Sushi experts and make our own. It took some time, but turned out pretty good! Nothing like a real restaurant, but it's good to know we could whip up some amateur Sushi in a pinch if need be :D
  • A group of us from our Chico Tuesday’s Together group caravanned down to FreshBash in Sacramento later on Saturday. Freshbash is like wedding exhibits and expo’s on crack. Everywhere you look is filled with eye candy, gorgeous details, a glitter bar, silent disco and you guessed it, more food (and drinks)! This is all put on specifically for wedding vendors in the wedding industry to hang, network and see the latest trends in the industry displayed in an amazing way. It really was one fun party! We loved connecting with other Rising Tide leaders from Sacramento and Reno as well as introducing new creative people from Chico to each other. I laugh, but whenever we go to photo/video conferences or wedding events like this, Stephen is like one of ten guys who attend. He’s such a good sport!