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I say this ever year but boy has time flown by! Three years ago today I was hanging out with my girlfriends and sipping mimosas. My friend Anna was making sure my hair was going to look perfect in all the photos and videos that would be underway in just a few short hours. My girls were squirming with just about as much excitement as I had. My mom arrived shortly after with her curly hair all pulled up into a nice up-do, I've never seen my mom get that fancy :D Just around 11:30am, it was time!

Time for me to slip into my long, white, lace Allure wedding gown! It was everything I had ever wanted in a dress! I even went a little over budget because I couldn't say no to how it made me feel. My dress made me feel elegant and had the lace scallop sleeves I had always dreamed of. My mom helped me slip in and I tried my best to embrace every moment because I knew the day would go by way too fast! My bridesmaid Leslie put my full length wedding veil in and I was ready! Ready to see Stephen!

I walked towards him and with the direction our photographers and videographers had given me, I had him turn around! And all of a sudden as he slowly turned towards me, a wave of emotion hit both of us! It was finally our day! The day we would become husband and wife and embark on the most epic adventure of all time, marriage!

Three years ago today, in front of our friends and family, we were married!

Today, we went to a favorite brunch spot and one of the first questions Stephen asked was what have we learned in our three years of being married. Each year we learn new things about each other. However, in the last year, we have both learned a lot about ourselves on a personal level and how that not only affects one another but the people around us.

More than anything, we know that our marriage is not about how much we can get out of this deal. It's all about serving the other person. Seeing people and meeting their needs even in the smallest ways. It's about making people feel heard and letting them know they are known.

In the past, we've shared photos and videos from our own wedding, but for our third wedding anniversary, we wanted to share with you our brand new promo video! The words in this video have really become the heart of who Stephen and I are as a marriage couple and creatives. We desire to always live our lives out by this manifesto!

Enjoy and please leave us a comment and tell us what you think! If you'd like to share this Manifesto with a friend who would enjoy it, you can do so on Facebook here.

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