Memorable Monday – January Edition


January has been such an exciting month for us around the #trecrib. We’ve had a lot of intentional time with family friends along with quality time spent at home. We’re both launching new and exciting things. Some have to do with our wedding photography and videography business and some we’re seeing more as passion projects. Stay tuned, we’ll be announcing everything in waves!


Our Week

  • Last week, we spent part of our time in New Orleans for the annual Rising Tide Leaders Retreat. If you want to hear a more extensive recap I suggest reading this blog post to fill you in. In short, we’re super passionate about building healthy friendships both locally and globally among creative entrepreneurs. We truly believe in community over competition, sharing your “secrets” and loving and serving not only your clients but also those a few years behind or ahead of you in business.  We love being the Chico chapter’s leaders and if you’re interested in getting involved please reach out, we’d love for you to join us for February’s meeting happening on the 13th.
  • Stephen was asked to speak on a panel at the Rising Tide Leaders Retreat talking all about passive income. If you’ve been following along on his Instagram this last year, you’ve been hearing him talk more and more about this. As he learns about this topic, he can’t help but share because it has truly changed our lives for the better and we hope to inspire others to have that change as well. One big announcement that we can share with you now is that he’s going to be launching an online course called the Six Figure Side Hustle on February 9th. Make sure to tune into the free training where you can learn more and see if this is a business opportunity you want to pursue. I highly recommend checking it out.
  • After coming back from New Orleans, we packed up all our camera gear and headed to Napa for an ongoing video commercial project. The valley was cold and rained on and off that day. The fog rolled in at just the right time and made the Napa vineyards look breathtaking. If you’re considering planning a destination wedding, Napa is such a pretty place to have it!
  • We’ve been doing the Keto diet for the last month and have felt amazing on it. Stephen’s been listening to podcasts for the last couple of years with people who highly recommend the Keto lifestyle. After wanting a health change, we decided this is the one for us. So far so good and we hope to continue for a long time!
  • We’ve been shooting more film lately and falling in love with film photography all over again! If you’re interested in hearing more about in-home lifestyle sessions feel free to sign up below. We’ll be sharing more about this in the future!