Memorable Monday - Rainy Day Weather


It's been a little over two weeks since we've done a normal Memorable Monday. That abnormality and crazy schedule is also a reflection of how life has been at the TréCrib. We feel like we're finally gotten back in the swing of things after being gone for what seemed like the whole month of September.

Our Week

  • Last week,  both Stephen and I were going non-stop. Our schedule's looked a lot like, wake up, work, eat dinner, work some more and attend whatever nightly commitment we had (oh, and then work some more). On Friday we made a point to end work early and go on a date to Stephen's favorite local restaurant, Momona. Yay for Friday date nights!
  • Remember when we talked about 5 Lessons Learned About Marriage (so far)? Well by the time Friday rolled around, we also needed to implement bullet point number two. We are deeply in love, but working together all the time can definitely create tension if we don't allow each other space!
  • I'm half Italian, but I try and stay away from buying and eating too many types of food with carbs. That's my weakness so I figure if I'm not buying pasta, I won't be cooking it. We went on a double date last week with Stephen's parents to a delicious Italian restaurant neither of us had ever been before. The food was delicious!! This experience made me want to harness my Italian side and make some of my family's traditional dishes. Maybe during our "off" season :D
  • Speaking of Italian, Stephen has been really into espresso lately. He did what Stephen does and researched the heck out of what it takes to make a good espresso. He researched the best kind of machines and what to looks for. Last week we swept up a sweet eBay find, and it just arrived as I'm typing this. If you are into coffee and espresso, we'd love to hear your thoughts on your process!
  • Saturday's weather was a complete miracle! We showed up early to our wedding here in Chico to start scouting locations for our "Plan B". It was forecasted to dump rain at the exact times we had scheduled our bride and groom portraits. We can handle any lighting or weather condition that comes our way, but it sure is nice when the weather cooperates. We sat in our car and prayed right before walking in to see our sweet bride. This may sound crazy, but we prayed saying NO to the rain, that it would completely hold off during the two-hour window we wanted to do all the couple's portraits. I'm sure we weren't the only ones praying for good weather, but nevertheless, it worked! The rain totally held off all the way through portraits and even some family photos! Some might say it was luck, but we're choosing to believe it was God loving our couple and us in a miraculous way! Below is a photo from Toby&Jessica's beautiful wedding, no rain in sight :)