Memorable Monday - It's Officially October!


Living in Northern California, many people look forward to the Autumn season every year. I'll have to admit I was never one of those people. At least until a few years ago, when everything changed!

I was always the high school student stuck in denial that summer was coming to an end. I loved the scorching hot weather California had because that meant for me, that school was out of session. I psychologically put the hot weather together with the fact that I no longer had to study or do homework. And to be completely honest when the weather started to change in October, I had to really face it that summer was so much further away than I thought.

A lot has changed since feeling that way in high school. Both Stephen and I long for cooler weather, keeping the windows open all day long while we work, pumpkin spice lattes, and going to Apple Hill with friends. Hurray for not being in school anymore!

So October, we welcome you with open arms!

Our Week

  • Stephen spent a day in Napa again for an ongoing commercial project. While he was away, I had the whole house to myself. Since I'm so much more of an extrovert, I was surprised by how much work I accomplished without anyone around. I know it sounds weird, but we often look forward to these days away from each other. Sometimes when you spend almost every waking hour with the same person, it's good to have space. The distance is never a bad thing, as long as it only lasts for a short while.
  • Tis' the season for engagement sessions. We have one or two sessions every week for the month of October. Almost all of them have been in places we've never traveled to before.We love it when our couples to show us these new places.
  • Oh my goodness, we have such a messy room right now. I keep saying each week I'm going to clean, but honestly, I'd rather get all our editing done before ever trying to get to that space. I think everyone has their own space in their home that often gets neglected. For us, it's our own room.
  • A few months ago, our small group from church decided to have an open invite to a big community potluck we wanted to host. We're calling this event Third ThursdaysEvery third Thursday of the month, we rotate between either our house or our friend's for a big community dinner. Everyone brings something to share, and we just hang out and eat together for the evening. We love hosting people and opening up our home to our friends and also people who are craving community. This event has been so fun for us to host and we look forward to October's get together back at our home.
  • We had our first double-header weekend of the Fall season. That means we have two weddings back to back. Our Friday wedding was at Trentadue Winery in Wine Country and the Saturday one was back at Patrick Ranch in Durham. It was a late night on Friday with our 3.5hr drive home...but we got a great amount of sleep and were ready to rock back on Saturday. We're gearing up for another double-header this weekend! To stay updated on our latest adventures, make sure to check in with our Instagram Stories to see more.