Memorable Monday - Playing Double Duty


Chico experienced that most beautiful weather last week! With temperatures in the high 70's it was making me want to break out all my spring dresses! Then over the weekend we are back to cold and rainy weather! I'm enjoying it though, while we power through lots of emails and meetings today! This may be the last of our big rain storms so I'm trying to soak it in!


  • We blogged Memorable Monday from Napa last week! We're were there all day finishing up a year long project with one of the most well known wineries in the area, Opus One! It was a long day of filming but so enjoyable to be with the winemaker and staff as we shot around the gorgeous property!
  • We hosted another Tuesday's Together in the TréCrib this last week! We talked all about taxes and how to set your business up for financial success. Taxes are one of those things that can make any business owner cringe. Many people get into the creative industry for the creative part but don't realize how much time they will be spending managing their business on the admin side of things. This can often times pull someone away from the real reason they wanted to be their own boss. We have loved the encouragement and community that has been built around the Rising Tide Society. We are honored to be facilitating this group here in Chico! Please feel free to join us next month for another topic!
  • We took maternity photos for one of our TréCreative couples that is now expecting! Brody&Courtney were married three years ago this October and it was wonderful celebrating with them as their family is growing!
  • We celebrated our 3rd year wedding anniversary last week, woohoo! On Wednesday, we slept in, went out to brunch and then went to a delicious dinner at a restaurant we have been wanting to try for a while! We also shared a post about what we've learned with another year of marriage under our belts. It was the perfect time to release our new promotional film featuring the TréCreative Manifesto to the public. Our manifesto really exhibits how we want to live out our marriage, business and lives. With every decision in life, we want this manifesto to be reflected in the way we creatively love each other and those around us! Thank you for your sweet texts and messages as you celebrated with us, we felt so loved! The more and more we're in business and married, the more we realize how much we can effect the lives of people around us! We want to always be loving others well and we really love how our promo film captured that!
  • On Saturday I played double duty and was in a wedding as a bridesmaid as well as photographer! Below are some sneak peek pictures from throughout the day before we do a full blog post of the wedding. I felt totally pampered with getting my hair and makeup done by the lovely ladies at The Powder Room! I could definitely get used to doing those early morning detail photos in my pajamas! Maddie has been a good friend of mine since middle school. She was in our own wedding and I was overjoyed when she asked me to be a bridesmaid! All the rainy weather cleared just in time for the wedding and we had the most perfect day for these two! This will be a wedding I will never forget!