Memorable Monday - Early September 2017


When September hits, I mentally think that means Fall weather should be right around the corner. Do you do the same thing? Usually, that desire for cooler weather, all things pumpkin and going to Apple Hill really doesn’t get fulfilled until later in September or even October. Chico’s summer weather tends to linger around so until that cool weather actually hits, keep sending us those Autumn vibes!

Our Week

  • On Labor Day we went to Breakfast with my brother and his girlfriend. Breakfast is still our favorite meal, next to it eating pizza on the weekends :D Bring on the carbs.
  • Remember that extensive video commercial shoot for a walnut company we did all last year? We’ve signed another video contract with another large Agriculture company again. Stephen spent a few early mornings driving all over Butte & Sutter county getting drone footage for this new client. Over the few years of doing these extensive video shoots, we’ve gained huge respect for those in the Ag business. We’ve learned about their businesses and the amount of work that goes into growing and producing products for the rest of us to enjoy. It’s been extremely eye-opening and fun for us to learn about something completely out of our own industry.
  • I’m all about self-care and last week I treated myself to a facial from my friend Megan from Golden Key Spa. I’ve never had a facial like this before and was life changing! I know that’s a big exaggeration but I was so relaxed and can't wait to treat myself to another soon! I highly recommend going and seeing Megan, she’s amazing. On the topic of self-care, Stephen and I also tried out Chico's new floatation spa, it was really fun and SUPER relaxing, you should try it!
  • We’ve been working on launching another Amazon product and we’re hoping to reveal what that is in the next few weeks. If you want to be filled in early, sign up for here.
  • We’ve been working on building up our email list for TréCreative and last week we (finally) launched our newsletter. We’ve decided to keep our newsletter light and give you another insight into who Stephan and I are. We believe in investing in relationships, investing in our own marriage and encouraging others to do the same! Sign up here to be the first to see what’s new.
  • We were featured along with some of our favorite Chico friendors on Martha Stewart last week! To say it was an honor to even be mentioned in the same sentence as Martha Stewart would be an understatement. See the full making of the wedding video for Eric&Carey to experience all the amazing detail they put into their special day.