Memorable Monday - Double Header Wedding Weekend


We made it!

We made it to the end of September, phew! This month has been non-stop travel for us. We love traveling, but there is something so sweet about establishing a routine again at home and being able to sleep in your own bed! Amiright?!?

Our Week

  • During this past year, we've had several interns here and there helping out with office work during our busy season. In the last month, one of our old high school students (we help out with a local high school group) has now stepped into that role not only helping with TréCreative work but also lightening the load for us with around-the-house stuff! This has been the biggest blessing! If there's one thing we've learned from running a business it is, outsource your weakness so you can spend more time on your strengths. The tasks you enjoy and are talented at. I am fully capable of cleaning the house and doing chores, but I've found since having this help, I'm much less stressed and am able to get more creative work done during the week!
  • Stephen is starting a new business venture that I'm so excited for him. He says his goal is to do this once every 1-2 years and so far he's achieved the goal. TréCreaive, then TréBooth and next...well you'll just have to wait and see. Oftentimes after work hours, he's spending time getting this business off the ground running. We'll share some news once it's started. But for now, know that it has absolutely nothing to do with photography or videography :D
  • After being sick a few weeks ago, we have yet to go back to Crossfit. At this point, going back is definitely going to make us super sore and hurt and we haven't bit the bullet yet. I've been going to Pilates but we both wanted our bodies to recover slowly. We're thinking by the end of this week, we'll be at the gym again. Hold us to this!
  • We're in a new small group that just started a few weeks ago. It's with some old and some new faces and we're so excited to see how God uses this new little community of young married couples like ourselves to encourage and grow us.
  • We shot double header photo&video weddings this weekend (Friday and Saturday). Needless to say, on Sunday we were pretty exhausted. However, we both felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for our amazing couples we had this week and the jobs that we have! We say this a lot, but only because we've been blown away this year by the amazing couples we've worked with and by the way they have treated us! On Friday's wedding, we not only shot a TréCreative couple, but one of our past TréCreative couples Cameron&Kristen were also in the bridal party. We took a photo with these four and put the bride&groom in the middle of course! They then insisted that WE be the center of the photo because they said "we were the reason for bringing them all together" haha. This was so humbling and make me get all teary-eyed just writing this! It's always an honor when a couple invests in our work. It's an even bigger honor when those couples refer their friends and keep encouraging others to join the TréCreative family as we call it. On Saturday, our couple insisted we take a photo together too which we just love to have these memories captured.