Monthly Memorable Monday - October 2018


Happy October! I can’t believe September has now come and gone. It feels like we’ve blinked and the month is completely over. Pumpkin everything is in the air and I’m looking forward to all the beautiful leaves starting to change here in Northern California where we live. In years past, October has stayed relatively warm up until Halloween. As I’m sitting here writing this, we just had our first small rain storm which I’m SO happy about! Both Stephen and I prefer colder weather where we can bundle up and not be sweating all the time. This is especially true on wedding days.


Here’s our Monthly Memorable Monday update!

  • We rescued a cat, lol. We wouldn’t consider ourselves cat people, but when I saw this cat crying and completely stuck I couldn’t just keep walking. His back leg was stuck in-between the boards of our neighbor’s fence and there was no way he was getting out without help. He had probably been stuck for hours and was pretty hurt. We walked the neighborhood for hours knocking on doors to see if he had an owner (he has a purple collar on with no tags), but no luck. Posted on Cody Alert, Facebook and Nextdoor as well as called the shelters. No owner has been found yet! Right now he’s recovering in our backyard. We’re not really sure what we’re going to do with him because we don’t want a pet right now though…so, if you want a very sweet old kitty, let us know :D

  • If you’re a TréBride, you’re going to want to pay attention to our secret Facebook group this afternoon. We’re launching something very special just for you. We really believe our couples will have thriving marriages and so we’re creating something just for that. Stay tuned!

  • For the last few weeks, our pastor has been talking about shame at church. Not the most fun topic, but it has been bringing up a lot of good questions and dialogue. In short, what I’ve been learning is that some shame in my own life has been telling me to not believe in myself, allowing myself to get offended easily, and making me care too much about what others will think. Ultimately, this isn’t the life to the fullest I know that I can experience through God. I’ve been working through taking ownership of my thoughts and not allowing negativity take over. Self improvement… never easy, but always worth it!

  • I am a few baby steps away from launching my film photography newborn website. With wedding season, I’ve had to put this dream of mine on the back burner. I’m excited to have a separate space for a new service that has been on my heart for a while now. In the meantime, if you want to do a family or newborn lifestyle session, now is a great time to reach out. We’re always taking on these sessions!

  • In the last year, we started implementing half days of Friday. The main reason is because at the end of our work week, we’re tired and want to be fresh and ready for Saturday’s wedding. This has been huge for us in allowing us to have margin and space to continue thriving in our business during our wedding season.

  • Stephen did another free Instagram training last week. The response was awesome and he’s had some sweet testimonials come out of this small coaching group. You can access that training (business owners only) here.

Thanks for following, until next month!