Where Should I Print My Photos? TréCreative Tips&Tricks


In a digital age where online galleries are one of the most popular options for viewing your photos, we are finding more and more that getting printed photos or ordering albums doesn't always happen.

We know this to be true for ourselves and many of our couples. Personally, it took us almost a year to print our own wedding photos and have an album made. Online galleries are so convenient, but we love giving our couples the option to buy physical copies of their photos as well. More than anything, we would hate for your wedding photos to never be hung on the wall or printed. We believe photos are meant to be shared and having prints, canvases or albums made is one of the best ways to do this. For us, we think of our couple's albums as their first family heirloom. We imagine their children and grandchildren one day flipping through their wedding album :)

In the last several months we've had a handful of past brides asking about getting their wedding photos printed as well as information regarding album services. At TréCreative, we deliver all our images through an online gallery system. One thing we absolutely love about this gallery system is the convenience of it for our couples. From the gallery, they can create favorites, share to social media, and our personal favorite; order high-quality prints and canvases straight to their door! Now, we're really not sales-y people, but when it comes to ordering prints, we want our couples to have the most high quality they can find. We've tested prints from all over and the ones that come from the gallery are the best of the best! The printer they use is calibrated with our cameras so what you see is what you get, which isn't always the case with other printers.

Here are a few tips when it comes to getting the highest quality wedding photos printed or when sharing them social media!

  1. Cheap isn't always best. - You've already invested in a great wedding photographer and getting quality prints is just as important. Unfortunately, places like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and even Costco don't have calibrated and controlled systems that match the way a photographer edits. That's why going through your photographer can be the best option. A photographer has access to professional printing companies with the right equipment to print the photos exactly how they look on the screen! We totally understand that you might be in a pinch and need photos super fast, but if you're wanted prints to hang in your home we suggest hand selecting your favorites to hang and getting those printed from your photographer!
  2. Watch out for this button! - If you do end up using one of the printers mentioned above (Costco is the best of that bunch by the way), watch out for this when you checkout. Sometimes when uploading your photos to print, there's an option for "auto color correct" or "color enhance". Make sure to uncheck this box or the program will automatically edit the photos and when you get them back they won't look the way they did when your photographer edited them. The tricky thing is, most places have that boxed checked by default and sometimes you have to look extra closely to have it unchecked. Double check this before ordering from anywhere!
  3. Avoid mobile uploads. - If you have to go through a local printing place, we highly suggest you download the photos from your computer to a flash drive before ordering or uploading. We've found that downloading the photos straight to your phone and having them printed or shared from there can produce lower quality and the photos may appear blurry. We've especially noticed this while sharing to Facebook. Facebook compresses images awfully sometimes, especially if you're uploading from your phone. If you want to share your images on social media, definitely do so from your computer for the highest quality.

We keep our print prices affordable to help encourage our couples to order through their gallery for the best quality. Here's a quick walkthrough of how easy it is to do this online:

If you have any questions about where to print, how to make albums, or other photography related questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'd be glad to help!