On The Road Again - Memorable Monday


This past week will be the last week for awhile that we'll have a normal routine for another few weeks.

Neither one of us are very good about unpacking after trips. For the next few weeks you can find us in San Francisco, Napa, Southern California, Atlanta, Nashville, and Florida! Some of the traveling we're doing together for a wedding and a conference, but for others we'll be flying solo. To get more updates and follow along, Instagram will be the best place to do that (@chels_diaz, @steezdiaz)! We're excited for a chance to travel again, to see more places and to continue to tell more stories along the way!

Our Week

  • One of my personal 2017 goals was to take a dance class and I did it finally last week!! I used to dance when I was younger and after college I kept promising myself I would take another class just as a fun creative outlet. As most personal projects go, they get put on the back burner and this was true for me! This dance class was so much fun and exactly what I needed! If you're in Chico and free on Monday nights from 6:30-7:30 and want to take the 14 week class starting in February let me know! I'll be blogging soon more about facing my fear and a lessoned learned from just showing up, stay tuned :D
  • Remember when we introduced you to our new blog series called The Quick Six? This last Monday, I spent the day with my good friend Katie from Honeybrush Design collaborating and getting ready for her to be featured on the blog! We can't wait for you to hear tips from these amazing wedding vendors. They have so much great advice to offer you! Also, I just love this girl and wish we could spend everyday working together!
  • Most week we hustle, but this week especially we really hustled! Here's the part about owning your own business and traveling that most people overlook. The daily grind and not so glamorous parts of our job. Getting ready for being out of the office for so long meant finishing up projects, late night edits, and a few stressful moments... but we MADE IT.
  • I had a girls night this week and Stephen had a guys night! We hang out weekly with other couples but a girls night can be so unique! We met up for drinks and then went back to the TréCrib for more wine. Girls night with wine is always a win. The boys met up for beers and ended up playing poker and eating pizza, so typical! This was a good reminder to spend time with those who lift you up, who encourage you and who are rooting for you! These sweet girls spoke truth into my life that I desperately needed to hear!

Happy Monday friends!