Seattle Washington Weekend Get Away


If you follow Stephen or I on Instagram you may have seen photos of me frolicking through Tulip fields, or us piled on the coach with a cute pup! Well a friend of ours had briefly mentioned that for a short time, Southwest Airlines was selling cheap tickets all over the country, so we jumped on the opportunity and headed somewhere fun!

Stephen's childhood friend from Wheaton, IL, Tyler and his wife Brittnee moved to Seattle about two years ago and we have been wanting to visit them for a while now. Stephen&Tyler are like two pees in a pod. They have been best friends since elementary school and even attended college together after Stephen's family moved away from Illinois to California while he was in High School. Even though Stephen doesn't get to see Tyler that often, when they are together, it's as though no time has passed between them. They can pick up where they left off. Tyler&Brittnee were one of our very first TréCreative couples and they will be celebrating four years of marriage this October, congrats guys! :D

This was the first trip in a very long time where we weren't lugging all our gear in suitcases around the airport or scrambling to take items out so we wouldn't go over the 50lb weight limit. Don't get us wrong, we LOVE traveling! We love shooting destination weddings and engagements but every once in a while it's really nice to travel for solely for leisure and leave most of our equipment at home. For this trip, Stephen and I packed in record time and even got out of the house ahead of schedule. We're usually always at least 15 minutes behind schedule and a little stressed that we're not leaving anything important behind. Not this time though!

We spent our weekend with these good friends in Seattle exploring new places. We ate way too much breakfast food but it was all totally worth it! One of the things we're taking away from this weekend is the value of being really good hosts. Way before we bought the TréCrib we knew we wanted a home where anyone could enter and feel at home. A place that you instantly felt at ease and where life could be shared. Tyler&Brittnee did just that for us and so much more. They planned a whole weekend of fun for us, drove us all over the Seattle area, picked us up from the airport and still insisted they pay for some of our meals along the way. We felt really spoiled and loved on! It made us think about how we treat guests and those who enter in our home. We want to treat and love people the way Tyler&Brittnee loved us. There were countless times were they went out of their way to encourage us, and take us to places they knew we would enjoy! What great friends!

Next time you're in the Seattle area, here are some great sites to see and places to eat!

Adrift in Annacorites Washington! This spot was the first place we stopped on our journey around the Seattle area. This little quant town is right along the water and you can take ferries all over to visit different islands.

Portage Bay Cafe - Another amazing breakfast location. This one was shown to us by one of our TréCreative couples Ben&Grace who met up with us while we were in the city!

Local 360 Cafe&Bar - Favorite breakfast place we tried. This Seattle favorite uses organic local ingredients that are only 360 or less miles away from the restaurant.

The Tulip Farms -There are several outside of Seattle and it is AMAZING this time of year! A dream of mine would be to feature an engagement session in a huge field of flowers similar to the Tulip fields!

Explore Whidbey Island - We drove around this island and stopped several scenic places for pictures and for a short hike. We also stopped for some delicious pie but I forget the name of that place (sorry). Afterwards, we took the ferry ride back to Seattle.

Ivars Chowder House - This is the best "fast food" clam chowder place famously known throughout Seattle! I couldn't leave without having some amazing clam chowder and Ivars did not disappoint!

Hike around Snoqualmie Falls - Beautiful waterfalls and outdoor hiking trails! The waterfall is breathtaking, it's bigger than Niagara (or so we heard)!

Enjoy some photos of our trip, but let's be honest... it's mostly of the Tulip farm because it was too beautiful not to photograph!!

Oh man, I just love the purple tulips!!

Thanks Tyler&Brit for such a fun trip!!

Haha Stephen, always being silly!

Stephen picked up a new Sony A7Rii right before we left for our trip so he was playing around tweaking his new camera settings the whole trip.

Snoqualmie Falls!

The four of us together with Rigby the Carey's sweet pup!