Memorable Monday - Wedding Guest Shenanigans


Last week, our to-do list seemed never ending but we were able to check off so many new projects! We're happy to be home in Chico for the next month where we can establish a good routine and try to rest as much as possible before our full wedding season kicks up. On Saturday we attended a guests!!! Hear more about it below...

Our Week

  • Our local Tuesday's Together met up at the TréCrib for our monthly get together. This month's topic was all about collaborating and working together to help our businesses grow. We've gotten pretty close with this group of creatives and we love seeing their faces each month. Although we are small, we're mighty and because of this unity. I'm so excited about the waves we can make together here in Chico. I'll be talking later this week about how community is so important to Stephen and I! Stay tuned...
  • Speaking of Tuesday's Together, our good friend Shannon who we met in the group, is helping us finish one of our projects in our house. We've been saving up to add built in cabinetry next to our fireplace and they are finally complete and ready to install. Shannon is an amazing interior designer and she's helping us finish the project and decorate the cabinets properly! Her company is called The Design Renegade is you need any help with your own home :D
  • Stephen was a groomsmen in a wedding this weekend. We attended a rehearsal Friday and full wedding day Saturday. The only cameras we brought with us were our iPhones! Although we can't always make it to our friend's weddings due to our own TréCreative bookings, it's always a treat for us to celebrate alongside our friends when we can! The weather this weekend was absolutely perfect, not too hot and not too cold. If only all weddings in Chico could be that temperature!
  • Along with this beautiful weather comes all the flowers in bloom, which for Stephen is at times his worst nightmare! Before the ceremony started, I showed up with a box of tissues in hand and extra supplies in the car just in case. Not because he was so emotional though, he has really bad allergies this time of year. Poor guy! Because most allergy medications don't work for him, Stephen's been "chugging" as he says, local honey to combat his reaction. Anyone else struggle with these intense allergies this time of year? What are your best remedies we should try?
  • On Sunday I hosted a women's clothing swap at the TréCrib! I love shopping and getting new items to add to my wardrobe. I'm always looking in the sale section or saving up and splurging on items I've been eyeing. What I love more than anything though is FREE clothes. Each girl dropped off their clothes to swap during the week. I set up our house like a store with racks and everything and everyone came over and "shopped" (except everything was free)! I'm hoping to make this a more common event because everyone seemed to enjoy it so much. The best part is, all the left over items are being donated to a local high school where low income families can have access to the clothes.
  • The TreBooth made an appearance at this weekend's wedding. Whenever a couple books this photo booth in Chico we love seeing everyone interact and watching other guests make silly gestures and play with the props. We often have to chase people down because sometimes people "forget" they're wearing the items and try to leave with the photo booth props haha! It becomes part of their wedding attire by the end of the night!