We have a lot to be thankful for! Over the last couple months that attitude of gratitude has really been tested.  Stephen's arm was fractured and the hopes of him recovering quickly was not looking good. I went from having peace about the situation to sheer panic and thinking of all the worse cases scenarios. For some reason I am so good at that, freaking out when I don't need to. We shot several engagements and a wedding all with his arm is a sling. Besides being a little uncomfortable, it didn't really affect his attitude or movement during the shoots. After a week or so of being in a sling he went to the doctor and found out because it was such a small fracture he would not be needing a cast at all. This was a huge answer to our prayers! 

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and the weather changing I was feeling that I needed to slow down and process through the last month or so. I blogged a few weeks ago about being joyful in uncontrollable situations and how it is not always easy. After finding out Stephen wouldn't be needing a cast, it caused us to look at and be thankful for every other area in our lives. The things we've been given, the dreams we have, the blessings we get to wake up to every morning. We have so much and forget so easily how lucky we are. 

Today as we head from Thanksgiving back into the swing of editing and shoots we want to pause, take a deep breath and remember how truly fortunate we are. We truly believe we have the best of clients! Time and time again we are encouraged by you all. By your love for us and inspiration you give us each day. You inspire us!

Thank you to everyone who said prayers or took the time to write us a message to say you were thinking of us while Stephen's arm was all slung up. We felt so loved!

Our Thanksgiving day was spent with family and friends. We participated in the 9th annual Run For Food benefiting the Jesus Center. Stephen will take any opportunity to use the drone to capture some fun footage, so he did that while I ran in the race :D