What is Rising Tide Society, Tuesdays Together, and This Whole #CommunityOverCompetition Thing?


The Rising Tide Society community means the world to Chelsey and I! We had been craving a better creative industry community here in Chico and when we heard about RTS and these Tuesdays Together meet-ups, we knew we had to bring it to Chico!

We applied to be leaders of the Chico chapter and before we knew it we were diving in head first. We added all the creatives we knew to our local Facebook group and just watched it grow from there!

This January, we met up with a bunch of other Rising Tide Society leaders for the annual leader's retreat which this year was held in one of our favorite cities, San Francisco! It was held at the Honeybook headquarters which was SO fun for us to see too because we use and love HB.

There we had the honor of capturing the RTS story through a film which we have for you to watch below! The hopes is that through this film we can help continue to spread the word about this truly life-giving movement to new heights. One of the interview questions we asked was 'How has Rising Tide Society impacted your local community?" It was SO cool to hear the responses from leaders from all over of how not only is RTS impacting their businesses and others around them, but giving back to the communities that surround them in positive ways.

If you're reading this and hearing about Rising Tide Society for the first time, or maybe you've seen the hashtag #CommunityOverCompetition floating around Instagram, you need to check out the full film to see what this is all about.

P.S. I know, I know, this sounds like I'm about to sell you something. But RTS and Tuesdays Together meet-ups and resources are all completely FREE. We're all about lowering the barrier to entry for creative entrepreneurs! If you're a creative entrepreneur or small business owner you need to get involved! Find a local Tuesdays Together meetup near you and see what it's all about.