Memorable Monday - Morning Routines


Mondays can sometimes be so overwhelming. That day of the week always seem to set the tone for the rest of our schedule and lay the foundation to being successful!

Our morning routine on Monday usually consists of me heading to pilates at 6am and coming home to a completely silent house. I've learned to really savor the peace and silence before jumping right into answering emails and editing. From there, we head into our morning meeting with each other and start the day. These meetings have been way for us to connect and be on the same page! If you have a specific morning routine that is helpful, we'd love to hear about it!

Our Week

  • Last weekend, we headed to the mountains with almost 30 high school students for our church's annual Winter Retreat! It snowed the first night we were there, so waking up in our little wooden cabins to fresh snow on the ground was amazing. I've never experienced fluffy soft snow like that.  If only snow lasted like that the whole time.
  • Speaking on morning routines, I can't mention that without sharing the importance of giving yourself grace! After coming home from winter camp, I was thoroughly exhausted and couldn't quite figure out why.  It dawned on me this weekend how important taking a "sabbath day" and having time to rest is. Although our weekend was filled with lots of fun, there wasn't much rest involved. So after hitting the snooze button 3x and waking up past 10am the day after camp, I am happy to report although it was hard to give myself grace that day I'm learning how important that is to do! Give yourself grace, especially on those rough mornings!
  • The dance class I'm taking is still so exhilarating! I can't emphasize enough how I want to continue to encourage others to take up new hobbies or try something completely out of their comfort zone! We can choose to say no to fear and face it head on!
  • Little Trooper came to stay with us for a few nights this week. Those of you new to the blog Tropper is our good friend's puppy. Every once in a while we get to watch him for a weekend and we love it! Although many people keep encouraging us to get our own dog, we're still just content with watching Trooper.
  • For those of you wondering, no Stephen has not gotten all of his parts to his new RED Cinema Camera. He's still waiting (not so patiently). I'm sure once it does, you'll hear all about it on his Instagram!
  • This week I received a soft cover album from our trip from Panama. I can't stress enough how important it is to print your photos! We love when our couples are able to invest in a luxury leather album, but think printing photos and having small inexpensive albums make of trips, anniversaries and family vacations are just as important. I've made a promise to get these books made and it's something I wished we would have started in our early years of marriage. Below is the soft cover album from Artifact Uprising that I highly recommend for family trips!

Top phototaken by our sweet friend Katelyn and edited by TréCreative