Absence Makes the Heart Grow Stronger

Have you ever heard the expression "absence makes the heart grow stronger?" Well this week we put it to the test and everything about that saying is totally true! As some of you saw on our Memorable Monday post, Stephen was out in Texas for the last four days for a commercial piece with a video production crew. Now I know, for some of you being away from your loved one for a few days is no big deal. You might totally be used to it! And I can't forget the many men and women who serve our country and are away from their families for far too long! Compared to these people, our situation is nothing but a reminder to myself how thankful I am! 

During our time away from each other this week, I shared with our Tuesday Together group how grateful I am to work with Stephen. Four years of our dating relationship was spent over long distance and I hated it! It was probably one of the best things to grow us as a couple, but that never made the distance easy. I always felt isolated, or that he had forgotten me, even when we had just visited each other. This was such a lie! It's been awhile since our dating years, but sometimes remembering these times apart from each other makes you cherish that special person so much more. 

I can definitely take for granted the fact that we sit practically next to each other all the time. I can take for granted the fact that we can stay in bed as long as we want and cuddle. I can take for granted the spontaneous dates we can go on together throughout the day. Even if that just means riding to the post office together to mail our lovely clients their packages. And I can take for granted all the little ways Stephen helps out around the house, looks after our couples and always puts a smile on my face!

And as I've realized how easy it is to overlook these things, I've made a promise to wholeheartedly choose into our daily life together as a gift! I don't want to let the small issues, the little fights to get to me anymore. As life is "slowing down" for us during this month of December I want to embrace a slower pace of life. In this season, I try to fill up my day with "stuff" and I really shouldn't! This stems from the fear of never being enough!

As Lara Casey said last night during The Rising Tide Summit, busy stems from fear of never being enough! I really struggle with this. I struggle with the lie of never being enough for my husband, my friends, or our business. And maybe you struggle with this too. The fact is it's just not true!! It's a big fat lie that steals my joy, makes me "do more" when I should be resting. It makes me take for granted the true gifts around me, like the fact that I get to work with my husband everyday and grow a business that we absolutely love! 

Absence really does make the heart grow stronger. This week I'm thankful for this little reality check I was able to have during our time apart. What are some things in your life you take for granted? Is there a way distance from a loved one has made you stronger in the past? We'd love to hear! Share your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook post!