Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Gift Registry - TréCreative Tips&Tricks


I love gift giving. I love the expression of giving and receiving. Since being married, I have been asked by so many couples what our favorite wedding gifts were and wedding planning advice when it comes to registries.

When Stephen and I got married, among the lengthy list of to-dos came the discussion about our wedding registry. I started looking online, asking friends and the whole process seemed very overwhelming. I thought I knew what I wanted, and wished certain stores offered gift registries. After looking around a lot, Stephen and I did something really different. We kept our registry very short, and instead asked for monetary gifts instead. On our wedding website, we explained the reason why. We were young in our business and wanted to invest first in TréCreative and second in our household needs. We were pleasantly surprised by how many people honored our request and gifted us money or an Amazon gift cards. Since then, I have loved discovering new and alternative gift registries.

Being in the wedding industry, we have been so surprised by the creative gift registries and options couples now have. I was telling Stephen earlier this week if only I knew about these sites when were married!

Our blog is a place we like to share our life, the amazing people we get to work with as well as tips and tricks for our current or future brides. Below are a few amazing alternative gift registries we have seen. We'd love to hear in the comments if you've used these sites before or know of others!

  1. Hatch My House - Some couples already have almost all of their basic everyday necessities and want something even more practical. Hatch My House is a place where any couple can sign up for free and have guests contribute to a down payment for their future house.
  2. Just Give - When doing some research, I found this and several other online platforms for charitable giving. How cool would it be to encourage your guests to make a charitable donation in your name? Just Give works with 1.8 million charities around the world. It gives you an idea what each charity is about so you can choose which one to partner with.
  3. Honeyfund or Buy Our Honeymoon- These are online sites that allow your guests to help pay for certain parts of your honeymoon. We've known couples to have their guests contribute for food, a certain excursions and experiences or giving them extra spending money in specific cities.
  4. Zola- This is probably one of my favorite of the options. Please be warned this one can also seem very overwhelming. This site lets you combine the brands you love and making it a one stop shop for your registry. You can find items from all kinds of places and it even gives you suggestions or popular items to choose from. I even purchased an item for a friend getting married recently and had a great experience. It shipped quickly and was a special gift the bride had wanted.
  5. Amazon - Nothing like a good ol' Amazon Wish List. You can put anything on these, even things from off of Amazon!