Memorable Monday - Our New Obsession


Things have really heated up in Chico temperature-wise which has been a good reminder to keep our water bottles constantly refilled when sitting next to our desks!

Our Week

  • We had two portrait sessions outside of Chico this week. One was a past TréCreative couple, Vinny&Kaitlyn, who are expecting a new addition to the family next month down in Folsom! We're so excited for these two! The other session was with one of our 2017 TréCreative couples Alex&Olivia. We met them in San Francisco for their engagement session. If you followed along on Snapchat (trecreative), you got a sneak peak of our locations. More of both these sessions coming soon :D
  • For over a month now, I've been going to a pilates studio in between our Crossfit workouts and love it! Both kinds of exercises are so drastically different but I'm finding having a balance of both has been really great! While Crossfit kicks my butt in ways only Crossfit can do, Pilates reminds me about those muscles I don't always use and about creating better posture!
  • We've had a commitment almost every single night of the week for the past week and because of that our meals have been much more rushed and on the go. I've talked before about Hellofresh which is a subscription service that ships you healthy recipes along with all the ingredients right to your door. They always send us coupons in the mail and during the weeks where we can't seem to make it to the store, we love to give this service another try. It's been really fun to cook new recipes together and have all the ingredients ready to go. The meals are delicious, we highly recommend trying it out!
  • Have you heard of the beverages La Croix (pictured below)? We'll we're completely hooked on this drink as of late! It's sparkling water that's calorie, sweetener and sodium free! Since it's been so hot, it's been so nice to head down to the kitchen and treat ourselves to a delicious (and healthy) drink. Our thoughts were that if we stock the fridge with these, we'll spend less money of fancy coffee and tea drinks throughout the day. So far this is working :D Stephen and I love getting what we call "treats", but they can add up quickly if we're not careful.
  • Saturday's wedding was spent about two hours away from Chico in Capay California at an amazing venue filled with rolling hills and vineyards called Taber Ranch! Despite the heat, Ricky&Anjelica were so much fun to be with and showed their guests some of their killer dance moves!
  • On Sunday, we had no agenda, no plans and it was exactly what we needed. The last week seemed like a complete whirlwind and we realized we needed to put a hold on anything social for the day. We slept in, hung out around our home, and finally put away our massive pile on laundry that had been sitting for the last month (yikes!). We lounged on the couch, watched a movie, made dinner and ended the night with a walk in the park! It was seriously the best!