A Birth Story Film - Allie Mae & Payton Jane Birth Story - Kayla&Scot's TWINventure


Scot&Kayla are taking their home movies to a whole new level!!! We have been so incredibly happy to walk with these two to tell the birth story of their sweet little twin girls, Allie Mae and Payton Jane!

We've been walking with this sweet family for almost three years now and it has been the most enjoyable and fulfilling process. Every time we see them they tell us how Hunter, who we made a film of a couple years ago, LOVES to watch his birth film. It is crazy to think this family will grow old and pass these films on for generations, rewatching and reliving every little filming and editing decision we made. We so honored that Scot&Kayla value photography and videography and wanted to preserve these precious moments professionally for years to come. We can't thank these two enough for letting us into their lives to make these films. We loved how they self-filmed parts of t We're so inspired by this family and know they have a wonderful future ahead!

For those who have been following this family, you'll know this film is a sequel to the original Hunter Scot birth story which you see below! Also, make sure to stick around after the twin's film for a slideshow of photography by us, Emily Hajec Photography and Park Avenue Photography.

A quick warning before you watch, this film contains real and raw moments from birth (nothing graphic)...also, you will laugh, and you will cry. You've been warned!

See the prequel to this film, the Hunter Scot story below: