Chico California Videography - Father Peter - Chico Unite Series

This past Sunday we premiered the latest installment of our Chico Unite Series at Neighborhood Church of Chico. This piece was on Father Peter Hansen of the St Augustine of Canterbury Anglican Church in Downtown Chico. Father Peter is such a humble guy with a huge heart for seeing positive change in Chico, California! We felt honored to use our videography to capture a glimpse into his life. It was eye-opening to hear him share his story and we loved seeing his personality come out and being able to portray that in this film. Editing this piece was a challenge because there was SO much good content in the half-an-hour interview that we had to cut to fit the final film into a sharable five minutes. I really enjoyed finding the footage from General Hospital to cut into the film, I'm loving the new dynamic it gives this story. My favorite moment in the film is when Lee Baldwin from General Hospital, played by Peter's own father, is talking about his son and how proud he is of what he's doing with his life. I watched through about 45 minutes of old GH footage to find that clip that fit so perfectly and paralleled the message of this piece. Another one of my favorite parts is the static shots around Chico. As we were going through all the shots in this film we felt like we were missing something...on the way to an engagement photography session in Orland this past Saturday we decided to stop and get the "around town" shots, throughout Chico that really tied the two sections together.

Thanks for reading/watching! -Stephen


If you missed the first piece on Father Michael here it is below.