Chico Engagement Photographer - Steven&Andie


When we had Steven&Andie over to our place to hear more about our wedding experiences, I knew Andie's name sounded familiar but when we opened the door I was pleasantly surprised to see some familiar faces!

I went to high school with Steven and had several classes together (go Panthers). I remembered when they started dating and even saw on social media when Steven proposed! What I didn't know was that Andie has been following our work since the beginning and emailed us immediately after getting engaged (even before they had set a wedding date). After Steven&Andie officially booked us, Andie sent us an email saying how they were excited to work with us and that she couldn't believe she was going to be a "TréBride". This totally melted my heart and has made us love getting to know these two as a couple even more!

Stephen (my Stephen) and I have a few things in common with Steven&Andie. One is we are both "high school sweethearts" and by this time next year we will have both been married at the same wedding venue! That's right, Steven&Andie chose to have their wedding at Patrick Ranch. There are a lot of great venues in the area, but we it's extra special any chance we get to photograph a wedding in the same place we were married!

For this couple's engagement session, we headed out to the Steven's families property just outside of Chico. When we got there, Steven handed us some of their locally made honey which was so nice of them! At our initial meeting, my Stephen had told them about how much he loved honey and has been using it to fight Chico allergies. How sweet of them to think of us! We jumped in Steven's truck and they both showed us around the area where he works. It's a family run business and these two are definitely very family oriented. We started our session in a big open field near the Sacramento River, then went to the processing/distribution center and ended in some of the tall orchards right at sunset.

Thank you Steven&Andie for the honey and showing us the family property, you two are the best!!