Creative Kickstarter Video Production - Shot Stats Challenger Kickstarter Film

You've seen the behind the scenes, now it's time to unveil the full Kickstarter film we produced for Shot Stats. Shot out in Atlanta, Georgia, and edited here at our home base in Chico, CA! We posted the final film awhile back on our Instagram, but it's actually never been posted here on the TréCreative blog. Filmed over the course of three days, we wanted to create a compelling kickstarter film that could showcase the Shot Stats upcoming tennis accelerometer product in an exciting and fresh way. To truly fit the brand and feel of their advanced startup technology, we loved incorporating all the technical After Effects graphic overlays and interface animations into this Kickstarter film. It took quite a bit of long editing hours and late nights, but it was all worth it to see this final Kickstarter video come together just in time for their launch date!

It was a blast getting to know the team behind this amazing product. From our initial Skype session to the day we delivered the final film and launched their Kickstarter campaign, it was a pleasure working and collaborating with the Shot Stats team on this crowd funding video production!

So far this campaign is doing EXTREMELY well on Kickstarter, over the past month they've successfully exceed their goal of $75,000 and are still climbing as we type! We're SO excited for this team of entrepreneurs and the bright future this business has ahead of itself. We're honored they chose us to help them produce this Kickstarter film, and we look forward to future crowd funding filmmaking opportunities!