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Kickstarter Film + Lifestyle Shoot for PorTable

We so excited to share with your our most recent Kickstarter Film and lifestyle photos we had the privilege of creating.

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Chico Commercial Videographer - Kickstarter Product Video For ENGO

“Meet ENGO!”

One of my favorite Kickstarter Videos I have done was for a wireless speaker called ENGO. This project was a load of fun. It’s an upbeat and dynamic piece that allowed for lots of graphics, practical effects, and a variety of talent and locations…

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Our Story Part III - TréCreative Wedding Photography&Videography

Last week, we started a four part blog series about our own story, how Stephen and I met, started dating, and got engaged! We are on week three of this series. If you missed last week’s, go ahead and click on this link to read the first part and then come back to read this section!

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Kickstarter Film Video Production - KIYOJO

There’s something about being apart of the making of Kickstarter films that gets us so excited! Getting to work with these companies as they’re just starting to make an impact on the world is so fun and inspiring! KIYOJO came to us from Chris, the guy behind (p.s. awesome site if you’re looking for a last minute tech gadget Christmas gift!). He has had lots of experience with Kickstarter and knew the ins and outs of getting a film made. He made the process so easy and shipped the product directly to us here in Chico. We handled the Kickstarter filming and had him his final video ready to go within no time!

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Creative Kickstarter Video Production - Shot Stats Challenger Kickstarter Film

You’ve seen the behind the scenes, now it’s time to unveil the full Kickstarter film we produced for Shot Stats. Shot out in Atlanta, Georgia, and edited here at our home base in Chico, CA! We posted the final film awhile back on our Instagram, but it’s actually never been posted here on the TréCreative blog.

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Chico California Videography - - Commercial and Business Videography

I’ve been having a blast doing videography for Boards on Nord, a local shop in Chico and huge online retailer of longboards and skateboards. Every week we make a film to review a new product over on their YouTube channel. Here’s the first two films we produced with rider Josh Dimitri and two new Landyachtz boards. We love wedding cinema and doing videography and photography weddings is our passion… but it’s fun to mix it up a bit every once and a while. Especially if that means getting paid to ride a skateboard down a hill with my camera.

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