Four Year Anniversary Trip - Napa to San Francisco


The majority of last week was spent out of the office for an ongoing commercial video project we have in Napa, then a wedding following that in San Francisco. In between, we celebrated with a little destination aniversary trip!

After our video project in Napa, we stayed in the area one more night. When Stephen asked me what I wanted to do that week, my first thought was a hot air balloon ride. I know, kinda random but let me explain! A little over a year ago we met with a couple and the groom had proposed after a hot air balloon ride over Napa, for some reason, that memory stuck in my mind, so I decided the next opportunity we had to do something like that we would! After our hot air balloon ride, we were served the most delicious breakfast and mimosas. If you've seen on my Insta stories, breakfast is becoming a theme in the TréCrib so whenever we have the chance, thats our preferred meal to go on a date to. More on that later :D

After a day spent walking around downtown Napa, we headed into San Francisco. We've been to San Francisco many times for engagements, elopements and weddings but rarely go down anymore just for leisure! We explored new parts of the city closer to the Sunset neighborhood where our amazing Airbnb apartment was and drank some amazing coffee at Andytown. Stephen planned a trip to the San Francisco Modern Art Museum also known as SFMOMA. I've never been to any museum like it and it was so inspiring to appreciate other mediums as artists ourselves! Our trip ended with Jeremy&Heather's gorgeous wedding at the California Academy of Sciences right near the Presidio!