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Wedding Photography Clothes - What Should I Wear

It seems a little strange to say we've been wedding photographers and videographers for over six years now.  We're so grateful for these years of growth and the amazing couples we get to work with every weekend.

We totally realize our systems may not be everyone else's preferences, but for us, these systems have been our saving grace. Everything from the way we outsource, plan our days, pack our gear, even down to the clothes we wear to shoot weddings.

We could talk a lot about these systems, but today we want to specifically share about the clothes we wear to shoot weddings. There's is an important WHY behind our clothes, it comes down to two main reasons.

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High Sierra Iris and Wedding Gardens – Featured on Carats & Confetti

We are so excited to have Ryan&Charlotte’s High Sierra Iris and Wedding Gardens featured on Carat’s and Confetti today. We had been looking forward to this wedding since the moment Ryan called us right after he proposed to Charlotte!

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Behind the Scenes 2017 - Northern California Photographer and Videographer

It’s that time of year again for us. Its where we share with you the behind the scenes of what it looks like to be a wedding photographer and videographer team. This post will include the good, the bad, and the sometimes the ugly expressions that get caught on camera throughout the wedding day. If you missed last year’s behind the scenes blog post, make sure to check that one out as well, it’s totally worth it!

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Wedding Guests - Memorable Monday

Over the weekend, we traveled to San Diego where we were WEDDING GUESTS for the first time in over a year. Most of our close friends are already married so there haven’t been many friends weddings we’re participating in lately. Being in the wedding industry for almost six years now, attending as a “guest” feels a little funny. Let us explain!

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Memorable Monday - Thank Goodness For Coffee!

In October, Stephen and I decided we wanted to up our coffee game and invest in an espresso machine. I joke that the TréCafe is now open for business. Since then, we have enjoyed learning more about the complexities of coffee and have gotten more coffee accessories. Lately, we’ve been especially loving using our V60 because of its speed and taste. Having good coffee with our early morning breakfast always seems like the icing on the cake. This past week, we needed that extra boost of coffee!

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Four Year Anniversary Trip - Napa to San Francisco

The majority of last week was spent out of the office for an ongoing commercial video project we have in Napa, then a wedding following that in San Francisco. In between, we celebrated with a little destination aniversary trip!

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On The Road Again - Memorable Monday

This past week will be the last week for awhile that we’ll have a normal routine for another few weeks. Neither one of us are very good about unpacking after trips. For the next few weeks you can find us in San Francisco, Napa, Southern California, Atlanta, Nashville, and Florida! Some of the traveling we’re doing together for a wedding and a conference, but for others we’ll be flying solo.

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Napa Vintage Estates Wedding Film - Mike&Veronica

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We know it’s a holiday and we shouldn’t be working, but we couldn’t resist sharing this film that we finished yesterday night! We know it will make Mike&Veronica’s holiday even that much better to be able to watch it with friends and family today!

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