Our Four Year Anniversary - Northern California Photo and Video Team


Yesterday was a big milestone for us. We celebrated our four year wedding anniversary! With each year, it seems as though it passes by even faster.

If you would have asked us when we first got married where we would be, the lessons we would learn, the adventures we would go on, or even where TréCreative would be today, we would have probably laughed because of how silly our dreams have changed, or cried at the blessings God has given us in this short window of four years! Trust me, I'll be saving a "four-year marriage lessons learned" blog post for another day because I could talk about lessons learned for a while!

The longer we're married, the longer were so thankful for the amazing examples our parents have set before us. Marriage is hard. It's not always easy or filled with fairytale moments each and everyday. We don't always wake up super "in love", we have good days and really hard days. We have a hard time communicating sometimes. We need others to pour into our relationship, to call out the gold in each other and to continue to love others through our marriage. It's totally true though that with each year, you get to know each other more and it becomes that much sweeter. That even on the hard days, our marriage will always be something we fight for. Loving each other daily is not a feeling, it's a choice! It's because of this, that we feel truly called to encourage others in their own marriages. We pray that the photos and video we create will encourage our couples for years to come. That even on the hard days, that they would choose each other!

This year felt like a big year for building confidence in our art. We have more direction now than ever of what we want our marriage and TréCreative to stand for! That's the beauty of maturing as individuals and a couple. You receive more clarity and good direction as the years go on!

More than anything we've realized this year how much our marriage and business is about loving people well. We created a manifesto video last year and which states this mission statement! Love anyone who is in front of us. Create images and video that are powerful, that stir in others that same desire!

So here it is our manifesto. What we believe to be true for our mission statement as a married couple moving forward but also for TréCreative. So cheers to another 50 years of being married to you Stephen! Adventuring with you through life in the ups and downs is the very best. Thank you Jesus for bringing the best husband that is not perfect, but perfect for me!

Our Manifesto (read it here or watch the video below to listen!)

This life is about love. It’s about love and how far we go and stretch and show up to become that love for other people.

This life is about people. It’s about making people feel worthwhile. It’s letting people know they are seen. That they matter. That something would shake, and be a little off center, if they weren’t around— if we weren’t in this together.

This life is about sticking together. It’s about being brave together. Settling together. Learning to pull out the strength and wipe away the fears, together.

This life is about not fearing. Not playing small. Not feeling inadequate. HEREo This life is bolder than the smallness we want to claim for ourselves in the short time we have here.

This life is about being here. Really, truly here. For a moment. For ten minutes. For an hour. It’s about looking around and remembering these true things: life is a precious gift we were never guaranteed. We must grab it and live it as fast as we can for we’ve been given something beautiful.

This life is about something beautiful. It’s about capturing that “something beautiful” and learning to treasure that “something beautiful.” That “something beautiful” will drive us into great adventures, and epic love stories, and better things than what we could have found and dug up all on our own.

HERE This life is about finding something bigger than us. About learning how to dance in our own smallness and really rejoice over not having to hold it all together. There is so much joy in that.

This life is about joy. This life is about joy and what joy looks like when you when see it on the faces of people you love. This life is about joy and what joy looks like when you can extend it to others.

Over and over again.