Gover Ranch Wedding Videographer - John&Megan's Wedding Film


John&Megan's wedding day was full of energy, happy tears, and lots of dance moves! These two are just so perfect for each other and they had us grinning all day long! They wedding was at the gorgeous Gover Ranch just outside of Chico in Anderson, CA! This was the first wedding we have shot out there, and I think we're in love! From the lush greens and perfect landscaping to the orchards nearby and the rustic barn, this venue has so many good photo and video locations!

These two are so upbeat and happy we really wanted to find a song that fit them perfectly. When we heard Darlin' by Branches on TheMusicBed, we knew it was a match made in heaven. With a little folk-country flair, and love filled lyrics to match, it made for such a fun edit to put together!

Oh and one more thing before you view! Vimeo, the service we use to host all our films recently made a change to how they stream. To ensure you're watching our film in the best quality, click the HD button in the lower left hand corner and make sure you're on one of the HD settings 720p or 1080p :)

We love pushing our wedding films in new creative ways when John made the analogy of the Sacramento river we knew we HAD to throw in some photos of their engagement session we captured along the river! But throwing in a still photo in a wedding film? That's boring! So to make it fit within the flow of the piece, we animated each photo to give a parallax almost 3D effect. It goes by quick but if you look closely you can see subtle animations like the bird flapping it's wings, the water moving, or even John&Megan leaning in closer one another. It's crazy what you can do with a little extra time and your imagination :D