Kickstarter Film Video Production - KIYOJO


There's something about being apart of the making of Kickstarter films that gets us so excited! Getting to work with these companies as they're just starting to make an impact on the world is so fun and inspiring! KIYOJO came to us from Chris, the guy behind (p.s. awesome site if you're looking for a last minute tech gadget Christmas gift!). He has had lots of experience with Kickstarter and knew the ins and outs of getting a film made. He made the process so easy and shipped the product directly to us here in Chico. We handled the Kickstarter filming and had him his final video ready to go within no time!

What we loved most about working on this project was the creative freedom Chris allowed us to have with the filming process. His product is sleek, well designed and super useful around the house. We utilized some of our classic motion graphic overlays to demonstrate the features of the product in a catchy way, as well as a lot of screen replacement on the iPhones to add the graphics in post. The KIYOJO isn't "live" just yet on Kickstarter, but if you want to stay in the loop with their exciting new tech products, head to the future Kickstarter page and click "Notify me on launch".