Leaving a Legacy

We are big believers in marriage. We believe it is an adventure filled with ups and downs. We laugh at how this adventure molds us and challenges us. We become better people because of it. We believe your love story will be the most unmatchable adventure you ever embark on. 

And although our marriage adventure just began over two years ago, we have been watching our parents live out this great adventure since we were born. In a culture filled with dishonor, we have watched our parents honor one another daily and live selflessly together. We are believers in marriage because we have watched our parents love and serve one another in the smallest and most grand ways. You see, for us being photographers and videographers is so much more than just capturing wedding days. We have realized the "why" behind our business is far bigger than any other business goal. Yes, we want preserve these precious moments for years to come, but more importantly we want to love people in the process. We believe in honoring and loving our TréCreative couples well because we have experienced this first hand from the beginning, by our parents. Our parents are some of our biggest fans and role models, all at the same time. Often we receive a call or a sweet text message saying how proud they are of us and that their thoughts and prayers go out towards us and our business. 

On Friday, we called up our parents and asked if we could take one quick photo for a blog post that would be debuting on Monday. They graciously agreed and Stephen and I took their picture. Both parents asked what it was for, and we said "you have to wait until Monday to see"! So here is it, it's Monday Mom&Dad! We LOVE you guys! Thanks for showing and teaching us what it means to live sacrificially, to put others before ourselves, to love and encourage others well. Thank you for praying for us and thank you for teaching us what it means to live boldly and walk humbly.