Life Update


I'll be the first to admit that I like being nostalgic. I believe that everywhere I go, I'm learning new life lessons. Thinking back and reflecting about new things about ourselves, our business and how we continue to want to impact the lives around us.

In the last year, Stephen and I combined have lost four of our grandparents! Our grandparents lived wonderful lives and taught us many lessons through their lives. We watched them model what it meant to follow God through any hard situation, give generously to others, work really really hard to support their families, and live a full life.

Because we started our business at a young age (as college students), you can only imagine the growing pains we’ve experienced like any normal business. The funny thing about running a creative business is often you spend more time "running the business" than actually doing the creative fun stuff. On top of that, we’ve learned how to work as a married team and define our ideal client and continue to learn to run a business with a focus of serving others.

We have had many light bulb moments in our business and personal lives. In those moments you realize what effect can be had on many people for years to come. When looking through our grandparent's belongings and remembering the good times we had with them. We kept stumbling on old photographs. Some of these photos had people in them we recognized and others we didn’t. Some were family photos taken when our parents were just babies. And my most favorite photos were the ones of our grandparent's wedding days. Those images always seemed to be hanging somewhere in their or relative's homes. When I was younger, I remember looking at those images and seeing that even though my grandparents had done some aging, I could still see their personalities shine through in those images.

And then it made me think that someday, our photos, the photos that we take each and every weekend for our TréCreative couples will be one's grandkids and parents will be looking through someday to remember their loved ones. We’ve always taken our job very seriously because of this notion. We’re the ones hired to document the day as it unfolds in front of our eyes. We’re the ones who get to preserve these moments that will make an impact far beyond the wedding day.

Doing what we do as photographers is an honor, a truly big honor! We're asked to show up, serve whole heartedly and produce a high-quality product. We may not always be wedding photographers and videographers. Who knows, God might call us to do something entirely different someday. But for now, this is where we're supposed to be and it's a huge privilege that we love.

Thank you for all the sweet messages and grace for us this week in this time of remembrance. We appreciate you all so much! -S&C