Memorable Monday - April Showers


Happy Monday friends! Wedding season has started for us this year and we can't wait to take you along to tell you more about our TréCreative couples and the beautiful weddings they've planned!

Our Week

  • It's that time of the year that we can comfortably sleep with our windows open at night. The flip side of that is I think I'm suffering some allergies from keeping the windows open. Regardless, Spring in Chico is beautiful and so many pretty wildflowers are in bloom. 
  • We are totally stocked up on La Croix's. We have a dedicated cabinet next to our refrigerator full of them. I'm lovin' the Mango flavor, whats your favorite flavor?
  • Speaking of Spring, we had another Spring engagement session in upper Bidwell Park this week. We hiked to a new area we hadn't been to before and loved spending time shooting photos of our couple. We were reminded of why we always carry mosquito spray with us for engagement sessions. During sunset time this time of year, the mosquitos are everywhere and if I don't end up putting spray on, I'll get eaten alive!
  • Saturday was our first wedding of the 2018 season. We headed about 30 minutes outside of Chico to a new venue called Red Rock Lake. It had completely POURED rain here in Northern California the day before.  On Saturday, the rain miraculously cleared and we had the most beautiful weather for Tanner&Bridget's wedding. 
  • Stephen's Rainmaker's Academy closed enrollment this past week and we had some awesome students join. We can't wait to see the passive income businesses they build!
  • I started a blog series for all my Europe adventures. You can see the first post here and stay tuned for another installment this week!