Memorable Monday - Wedding Season


Our Memorable Monday series has been getting neglected lately. Between my Europe travels and Stephen being in Florida for a conference right after, we put this series on hold. Memorable Monday has been a place for us to share with you what has been going on in our week. Whether that be our personal lives, business, or an "aha" moment we wanted to share with you along the way.

Shawn Lauren s Charleston Wedding-Bride and Groom Portraits-0156.jpg

Here is what our week looked like.

Our Week

  • Spring is one of our favorite times of year for engagement sessions. The weather in California has been beautiful and everything is blooming. We can't wait to introduce you to many of our TréCreative wedding couples soon!
  • Stephen opened up the Rainmakers Academy Six Figure Side Hustle Course to a select number of new students last Thursday. He did such an amazing job on a live webinar and stayed on to answer everyone's questions which went on for almost FOUR hours, wow! So many of the students who have joined already are doing incredibly well and loving everything Stephen is teaching which is so exciting. We're so encouraged by this because our hearts are to see families lives being transformed through building a passive income businesses like the ones we have.
  • We both went to CrossFit together last week. It was one of those workouts that was so hard but so good all at the same time. We were both super sore over the weekend.
  • Since traveling in Europe, I had to miss two of my weekly hip hop classes putting me way behind everyone else. I barely knew what I was doing on Wednesday night and if I'm being totally honest, I was really embarrassed. It was a good reminder that everyone has to start somewhere. It was an extra motivator for me to work hard and practice throughout the week.
  • Our Easter Sunday family activities looked different for us this year. After attending church, we came home and slept for two hours, we were both so tired after such a packed week. Both our families have been all over the place these last few weeks and no one was up for hosting everyone. Instead, we all went out to dinner and it was great. We sat outside and the weather was perfect!
  • This next weekend, wedding season starts! YAY!