Memorable Monday - Weekly Weddings


A typical Saturday morning looks much different for us than most people. Our clothes are completely laid out, our gear is packed and ready to go. We crawl out of bed, shower and immediately start to get ready. Breakfast is made in quiet and we soak in all the air conditioned time we can get, especially Stephen! Afterward the car is completely packed, we usually make a pit stop to Safeway for our afternoon lunch and a snack and off we go to our wedding!

Our Week

  • The last couple weeks I’ve felt like I’ve been in a little bit of a funk. It’s been extremely hard waking up early and finding motivation to keep at it throughout the day. Last week though, there seemed to be a shift. Maybe it’s because we’re getting used to wedding season being in full force now, or maybe I was just a little extra tired the weeks prior. Either way, I’m glad to have more energy back! I know everyone goes in waves of having lots of energy and great sleep. And sometimes you just seem to be lacking sleep. If you are experiencing these low energy levels like I was, give yourself grace! I’m constantly learning to give myself grace in the midst of our busy season.
  • We met with one of our TréCreative 2017 couples for their engagement session this week. Think honey, almond orchards, tall grassy fields and an old tractor. Their session will be up on the blog shortly!
  • Speaking of our engagement sessions, we’ve learned to always always pack bug spray!! Remind me of this! We’ve learned this lesson the hard way before but this time we forgot to put bug spray in our bag, Mosquito’s seem to love me especially and I can almost guarantee at every engagement session or wedding to get bit at least once. I need to start taking garlic pills again. If you have any other advice for keeping mosquitos away, I’d love to hear!
  • Since Saturday’s are jam packed with amazing weddings, we’ve tried to set time aside away from”work” on Fridays and Sundays. In the hustle and bustle of wedding season it’s pretty easy for us to only talk about business. There are a lot of good reasons why we love talking about our business together, but our business doesn’t fully define us. We are first two people, married, that have friends and family who we can’t neglect. Last wedding season, Wednesday mornings were our date days. We would sleep in, go to our favorite breakfast spot and ease into our morning. This year we changed things up and have decided Friday’s are our date days. We really work hard in the morning and try and take a half day off before our wedding on Saturday. We’ve learned we need to pack our camera equipment and lay out our clothes the day before to eleviate the stress of putting it all together in the morning. On our dates, we’ll head to a local happy hour and try to only give ourselves a light work load for that day. This has made such an amazing difference for us. We want to be 100% all in creatively for our couples on their wedding day. We want to be there to serve and love on their families and friends. On Fridays, we’ve found that by taking a half day out of the office, we feel better rested, more energized and creatively fueled and ready for our weekend to start!
  • Saturday’s wedding was seriously fantastic! I feel like we’ve been saying that a lot lately, but each week we’re reminded of how lucky we are to get to spend time with such amazing people. Jake&Nichole’s wedding ran completely smooth with no hiccups along the way. They trusted us fully to take photos in a tall wildflower field next to their reception and ventured into the almond orchards with us as well. Below is a photo our assistant grabbed of us with Jake&Nichole just after sunset, we just love these two! We can’t wait to show you more!