Memorable Monday - Mother's Day Edition


After what felt like an entire month of non-stop travel, Stephen and I are back home in California. With Mother's Day weekend being the first time back in a while, we hosted our families at our place for a BBQ and had the best time!

Although, if it were up to us, we probably would have served breakfast like this photo above! We decided to dust off and bust out the BBQ for the first time this Summer. We love and appreciate you moms and we especially want to say THANK YOU to our own moms!

We haven't updated y'all with a Memorable Monday post in awhile so we're happy to be blogging this favorite little weekly segment again.

Our Week

  • There's nothing quite like after a long day of traveling only to find out your last flight home has been canceled. Since we live an hour and a half away from the closest airport, we decided to get a hotel after finally getting in at 2 am. We purposely don't schedule any early morning meetings on Monday after destination weddings like this for this very reason and last week we needed that time to finish the last leg of our journey.
  • We cooked breakfast in our own home last week! We got spoiled while being in Mexico for Gary&Kasandra's wedding and ordered room service breakfast every day. Since breakfast is our favorite meal, I made sure to stock up on yummy breakfast supplies like we had in Mexico.
  • You can imagine after being gone for a nearly a month, we had little to no food in our refrigerator. You might have seen on my Insta Story the massive amount of food that I purchased at Costco and Trader Joes. Even after having a family BBQ on Mother's Day, the fridge is still totally full. I love having lots of yummy food in the house!
  • We had two engagement sessions both out of town last week! Stay tuned for those fun sessions coming soon to the blog.
  • Every six weeks, we schedule a business/marriage coaching/counseling appointment. We've found that our working environment and marriage can really benefit from learning new tools guided by a professional. I think counseling can have a negative stigma and make people feel like there's something wrong with them. In reality, we all have growth to pursue and coaching sessions like this can really accelerate that growth! We'll be sharing more soon about being a husband and wife team to hopefully encourage other couples who work together!

Happy Monday!