Memorable Monday -The Home Stretch


We are totally in the home stretch now!

What home stretch are we talking about? Our wedding season! As of last weekend, we have 3 whole weekends "off" before our only wedding in November. Three whole weekends off, that's crazy, we don't know quite what to do with ourselves. Well, most of the time that is. These next three weekends are busy but in a different way. I guess having weekends off from weddings has become so abnormal we're not used to it!

Our Week!

  • Fall time is one of the most popular times in Chico to have photos taken. It's typically when most of our next year's couples opt to do their engagement photos. You can bet to see lots of new faces will be popping up on the blog in the next couple weeks. We're pretty excited for you to meet them all!
  • Remember when we blogged our three-year anniversary photos that our amazing friend Anna did? Well, we got a text on Sunday afternoon that her and her husband Daniel had decided to come visit Chico! They are based in Atlanta, Georgia, but have spent the last year traveling all over. We showed them one of our favorite coffee shops, went to dinner, hiked around Upper Bidwell Park, played with Stephen's collections of Kendamas and tried our hardest to convince them to move to California! Who knows, we'll see where they end up! Regardless, it was so refreshing for us to take time off of work and go on a little adventure in the outdoors. Our time with them was so fun, lifegiving and a huge blessing!
  • We have so many Hello Fresh boxes in our refrigerator I don't know what to do with myself! We were sent three weeks in a row of free boxes. This has been a huge win for me! No grocery shopping or massive cooking to do :D
  • Every year in Chico, the two rival high schools P.V. and Chico High play each other in a football game called the Almond Bowl. It's a pretty big deal in our little town and students really get spirited and dress up for the game. The stands are always packed with students, parents and alumni. Stephen went to P.V. and I went to Chico when we met in high school. Stephen put together a quick edit from some footage from another project we had to get everyone excited. You can the video on our Facebook page. I met up with a few friends to watch the game. It ended up that we sat on the P.V. side which was so weird for me. Never would I thought I would ever sit on that side of bleachers.