Memorable Monday - Out With the Old, In With the New


The only title appropriate for today's Memorable Monday post was out with the old, in with the new because on Saturday, we became new owners of a new car!

Remember our crazy weekend? If you don't, let me give you a short version. While working a wedding, our Honda Element was parked on the side of the road in downtown Sacramento. During the reception, our car was smashed into and totaled. Since our car plays such a huge role in our business, we have been on the hunt for a replacement for the past month. Before we make any big decision, we always first pray and then take a lot of time to talk and research our options. After lots of back and forth, we both felt peace and had confirmation that this was the right car for us. We're so thankful for this car and know it will be a huge blessing to our business and those who ride in it!

Coming from the Element it was hard to find a car that compared. The Element was SO roomy, perfect for hauling gear and an all around solid car. Unfortunately, they stopped making them in 2011 and we were looking for something newer as a replacement. We looked at all the small-mid size SUV's out there, sat and drove a bunch and ended up choosing a 2017 Mazda CX-5. It has all the fun tech that Stephen loves, it has really comfortable seats for our long road trips, and the seats fold flat to make lots of cargo space for our gear. My must haves was that it was white or silver exterior with light interior and heated seats...I love my heated seats. This car checked all our boxes and more and we're so excited to have it join the TréCreative family.

Our Week

  • We've been attending NorthRim Crossfit for around three years now. The owners have become friends of ours and we love the positive atmosphere and community they have created. On Tuesday evening we headed to the gym, but this time not to work out. We filmed two different athletes and their journey to become a healthier version of themselves. We've been using our new RED camera for commercial videography and we're so excited for the few clips Stephen has edited together so far! This camera can do crazy things and we're so happy with the purchase.
  • As we explained last week, we've had a little bit of a break from shooting a wedding every weekend in July. We had one wedding in July and we'll be back in action in August. We had a couple over this week for their last timeline meeting who are getting married in early August. Ryan&Charlotte are just the sweetest and reminded us of how much we love all our TréCreative couples!
  • We finished up the film for the destination Charleston wedding we shot for Shawn&Lauren. This wedding was absolutely gorgeous and if you haven't seen it, definitely open this page up in a new tab and watch it next!
  • Stephen's sister and husband have been in Chico for the last month visiting from Panama. It was their last week visiting and we had one last family lunch together. Stephen's sister's husband is from Venezuela so he made traditional Venezulanian Arepas for us and it was so tasty!
  • We had a few days last week that were in the low 90's. Those days felt so much cooler and made it way more comfortable to be outside. It's funny to say that 90's feels cool since we've had so many 100 degree temperatures lately in Chico.
  • Stephen and I are the worst about folding our laundry. After getting back from our Grand Canyon adventure, we've had a pile of clean clothes laying on our bedroom floor. On top of that, our closet was so unorganized. On Sunday we spent five hours deep cleaning our room and closet. I'm convinced that everyone has a part of their house they have to "let go" and let it get messy at times. For us, that is definitely our room!

Happy Monday friends!