Memorable Monday - One Crazy Weekend!


Happy Monday friends! We're getting ready to kick off our semi-annual Diaz family vacation starting tomorrow... but before we leave, we wanted to share with you what we've been up to lately and our crazy weekend!

Our Week

  • Chico, where we live, was in the triple digits every day last week. By the end of the week, we were considering getting a little pool. I can totally imagine us running downstairs, dipping our feet in the pool or catching a tan and then heading back upstairs to finish our work. Who knows, we may just have to get one soon.
  • We've been drinking a lot of iced coffee in the morning and then in the afternoon, transitioning to LaCroix yum!
  • Both Stephen and I together pulled a few late nights last week. We really wanted to get as much work done as possible before our family vacation so we sacrificed our sleep for a few nights to make this happen.
  • Okay, now I'm going to share about our crazy weekend. We had an amazing wedding day with Jamie&Cheryl, they are such incredible people. There were two big events that just happened to coincide with their wedding day that we completely out of our control.
  • During the getting ready portion of the wedding day, we found out that there was a shooting a block away from the location we wanted to do bridesmaids photos at. For everyone's safety, we opted to do those portraits on a small balcony upstairs instead. Cheryl was amazing and it didn't phase her one bit that we had a major change of plans. We love how flexible and relaxed our brides are!
  • The second unfortunate event happened later in the evening. Stephen noticed a missed call and voicemail from a Sacramento number where we were shooting the wedding. It was the police saying our car was in a major accident. Our car had been innocently parked on the side of the road when it was smashed into by a Prius! By the time we had gotten the car, our poor Element was already towed away. This came at a complete shock to us, we were both almost laughing because we could hardly believe the day we were having.
  • So the moral of the story is that in life, there are so many events that are completely out of our control. The only control we have is our attitude and that can make or break it for us. Although our car is totaled, we're so thankful we had an amazing wedding day with our couple and that we weren't in the car when it was crashed into.
  • Also if you have any mid-size SUV's you'd recommend, we'd love to hear! We're now in the market for a new car ;)