Memorable Monday - Happy Labor Day!


September is upon us and for the first time in months, it's starting to cool down in the evenings and mornings here in Chico! I'm hoping in a few short weeks I'll be able to break out the sweaters and boots in time for this Fall season!

I totally have wishful thinking because it will stay hot in Chico for a while longer, but Fall is getting me so excited, what about you? What is your favorite season where you live and why? We'd love to here in the comments!

Our Week

  • Remember how we talked about taking photos of the TréCrib? Well, you should be proud of us! Thanks to your accountability, we actually took our own house photos! Feel free to check out some of the before and after photos on the blog. It's really fun for us to see the whole transformation!
  • The TreBooth has been such a big hit at weddings and corporate parties lately! So many of our September couples have opted to add it to their wedding packages and guests are loving getting in the booth! This newer business venture of ours has been so fun for us to see grow!
  • We completed a top secret TréCreative bridal engagement session guide we are now sending to all our couples! If you have an upcoming engagement session with us, you'll be receiving a copy soon! We love being a resource and giving our brides helpful tools all throughout the wedding process. This is just another tool we are hoping will enhance that process :)
  • On Saturday we shot a wedding in San Francisco with one of our favorite wedding coordinators in the Bay Area! Our bride and groom had timeliness attire that was so beautiful to photograph! Our bride wore her great Aunt's vintage wedding gloves as pictured above which tied together her perfect wedding look!
  • On Friday, we headed to San Francisco early to scout of the venue locations and get a good night's rest before Jimmy&Renee's big day. Right after checking out the reception site at Gallery 308, we found Off the Grid. Every Friday in a different part of the city, local food trucks gather and essentially create a pop-up shop for people to come eat their food. There's live music and lots of local eats and drinks! Stephen and I already love food trucks and San Francisco has some of the best we've ever tasted!
  • Our labor day celebrations consisted of sleeping in past noon on Sunday (we got home from our wedding the night before at 3am!) and riding our bikes over to our friends BBQ. You guys, Cheddar Ruffles... so good! I hadn't eaten chips in so long and those tasted amazing!