Memorable Monday - Surviving the Winter Season

Things have really slowed down around the TréCreative office and we are both very eager for the rest of our 2016 wedding season to start. We're trying our best to continue to put good work systems in place and finally finish our personal promotional film (coming soon)!

Our Week

  • We had A LOT of friends over this week which was so refreshing for the both of us! The boys spent the majority of the time reliving their "Halo days" and us girls got right down to business and just talked the whole time together! Our girl talks were so real, raw, heart to heart, and vulnerable. Exactly what I needed. I needed to hear that some of the same fears and anxiety I have about our business and life, others struggle with as well. I sometimes feel so isolated and that I'm the only one with issues and areas that I need to grow in. But that's just not true and I was so thankful to have these lovely lady's encouragement and all the laughs we had together as well! So whatever your struggle is, you're not alone, you're not the only one struggling!

  • I had to go to the dentist twice this week and both times had my face all numb! Not a good feeling at all! But on the upside, it was nice to get all the work done within one week.

  • Our friend Carey over at The Idea Emporium gifted us with the most amazing TréCrib housewarming gift (pictured below). We are still deciding where to hang it, any suggestions?!?

  • We had a few engagement sessions booked in San Francisco this past weekend but due to the rain we rescheduled all of them! I know I know, it's not quite the snow storms the East Coast is getting, but for us Californians the rain was pretty intense! Although it was almost clear on most days in Chico, San Francisco was a different story. Stay tuned for those city engagement sessions to hit the blog soon, we are so excited!!

  • On Wednesday, Stephen finished his last wedding film from 2015, woop woop! We tried a new method of posting it straight to Facebook and the film just blew up! It has reached over 10,000 people and has 33 shares as of the time we're writing this. AWESOME! If you haven't watched it yet, head over there, click HD and view it after this post :)

  • We went on a hike together with friends in Upper Bidwell Park. The trails were muddy and our shoes were covered in it nearly minutes into being on the trail. Even with the mud it was such a beautiful hike and felt great to be outdoors!

  • As we look at our upcoming calendar for 2016 we still have lots of weekends and dates available for brides and grooms looking for wedding photographers or videographers. If you or someone close to you is still looking don't hesitate to send them our way! We would love to add more couples to the TréCreative family this year!